New £10 note



New £10 note is out today and features a woman, as well as our lizard Queen.


Who’s got one?




I can’t remember the last time I took cash out of an ATM, actually.


Is it veggie friendly?


Why don’t you give me, say, five of them, and we’ll find out?




I reckon I will get my first one next Monday or next Wednesday as these will be the next occasions I need to withdraw cash


bit rich to put a woman on there when there are plenty of derserving white men who could have that space :roll_eyes:

probably won’t get one for ages. it seemed to take the plastic fivers and new £1s weeks to reach the badlands of south kent




As ever, the serial numbers to look at for (that could be worth thousands) are:


Did you know the first new note AA01 gets given to the Queen. Talk about money going to money!!! A free £10 ffs


Getting 1g of coke this weekend so will report back then.


Need to get a bit of pocket money out later.

Highly doubtful it’ll be a new note though.

Gonna boycott them anyway, they’ve got a woman on them ffs.


the tenner is actually made entirely of badger hide.


Which woman is it


Politically correct numpties have printed a woman on it but didn’t make it pink.


The Queen


first time ever that the same person other than the ruling monarch has been on two forms of money at the same time in the uk
(the new tenner & a 50p piece)


Pretty sure I didn’t vote Brexit for this nonsence!!!


Stacey Solomon


Got one of these animal torturing monstrosities yesterday.