New A Winged Victory for the Sullen material soon?

Apols if this is already known but couldn’t see anything on the forum. Exciting…



Great news. Shame SOTL have gone completely dark though


Really looking forward to hearing some new stuff, but really wasn’t sold on that soundtrack so hoping for a step up

ffs hurry up lads

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Dustin O’Halloran is playing a show here but he’s collaborating with those lads from the National and I’m not going to bother my bollocks going to that show.

Tour incoming. Glasgow St Luke’s on 1 March.


‘Haunted Victorian Pencil’ - I assume that’s a reference to JRM?

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Not on erased tapes. Interesting

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Ninja Tune! Unexpected!

Cannot wait for this!

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I was initially really disappointed by the Iris OST, just seemed like a very generic almost Hollywood soundtrack, but I persisted and ended up liking it. Not arguing it’s great but decent. So in 2 minds a bit about the new one.

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New stuff is very soundtrack-y


I’m very much a soundtrack person so could be my thing - just not if it’s by the numbers Hollywood stuff.

Listened to their first album every day for years, but felt absolutely nothing for the second. Is this worth trying?

tbh I’m only familiar with Wiltzie through some of the SOTL stuff and (mostly) Aix Em Klemm, but booked tix to see em on the tour in a big church in Brum with me dad

They’re really good live if you’re up for a euphoric ambient experience.

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Listened - feels very okay to me. Nothing approaching their first album, which I guess is fair enough because it’s basically perfect.

Yes please!