New ads totally blocking screen

This seems to have started today. I’m seeing every page get a pop up that overlays everything and makes it v hard to see. Is this intended? Is it just me?

Not happened to me


Hmm, I had an android 12 update overnight. I wonder if it’s done something

Weird. I thought it might be new. Malware. So I downloaded an anti-malware tool. It did a scan, found nothing, but then notice DiS had gone back to normal, only showing smaller ads that don’t overlay

I’ve managed to work out that it’s the Real Time Protection in the tool. If I disable just this option then the ads go back to being large and overlaid. I’m wondering if the built-in chrome protection has changed with the Android update.

I’m still on Android 11 and see nothing.

Buuuut, I think because I was an Admin once I never see any adverts so it’s hard to say.

The ads I see, and normally see, with my protection enabled

Nope, it’s still doing it regardless. Everybody quickly upgrade to Android 12 and tell me I’m not going crazy

Your regular reminder

I agree on Android 12. They massively fucked up. I do love my Pixel, but very unimpressed with this latest update.

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I never get ads on my phone (android) and don’t have ad blocker installed. A while back I created a shortcut to Dis on my home screen and it seems to pretend it’s its own separate app.

Even has its own fancy loading screen

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Now that’s useful, I’ll try it. Thanks!