New album release day 28/7

The debut album by Dvne is out today which I will be listening to as soon as I get home tonight.

Not sure if anyone’s aware, but Arcade Fire have a new album out today.

Listening to the Radiator reissue…a bit more bass but still not enough…

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New Pet Shop Boys reissues of ‘Nightlife’, ‘Release’ and ‘Fundamental’ out today - just bought the CDs for the Further Listening content; demos etc.
They have held back streaming the unreleased stuff on Spotify etc.

Badbadnotgood’s late night tales is a decent listen

Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano is the Norman Records album of the week. It’s an Erased Tapes thing and I haven’t heard it yet but reviews suggest is is very much something you would expect ET to put out. So probably amazing.

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It’s a soundtrack to the game Everything apparently. It’s really nice - good enough to make me want to get the game

Passion Pit’s new one is out digitally - it’s good

New Manchester Orchestra out today :slight_smile:

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Played it on the way to work and was loving it. I saw it pop up on Spotify and remembered their name as I think they’ve supported Brand New a few times.
Never really dug too deep into them before and now I can’t think why that was.
Looking forward to properly delving into their back catalog.

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Great band, new one is sounding strong and their back catalogue is immense. Mean everything to nothing a good place to start imho

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Cheers. I’ll leap in to that one.
Very tempted to get tickets for their London show later this year, just based on what I’ve already heard.

Absolutely this. One of my all time favourite albums.

Despite being a long time fan I’m seeing them for the first time in Glasgow later this year…cant wait

New Golden Retriever is a lovely listen

Enjoying the new UMM album, Double Worshipper. Ex-Big Harp husband and wife duo, Stefi Drootin and Chris Senseney, share vocal duties on a stripped-down, warm fuzzy indie sound. My description = bad; their sound = sweet. Worth a listen, if you like that sort of thing.

New Ty Segall EP - love the guy so will always listen, but was a bit bored by the latest album to be honest. Fried Shallots | Ty Segall

First track sounds a bit Emotional Mugger-esque which is nice.

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I’ve never been able to enjoy a Manchester Orchestra record until the end, but their latest album is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve heard in the last few months.

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Yes, this just the kind of thing I wanted for this Sunday.