New album releases 02/03/18

Yes…it’s the day before, so I may upset the regulars…but I thought it’d be good to talk about what to listen to the night before…so we can all have something queued up. For me personally, it’s shaping up to be a very strong week (makes up for last week, at least).

Anna von Hausswolff - Dead Magic. The big one, for me. If you haven’t heard of her…check her out, probably starting with Ceremony. A bit difficult to pigeonhole…perhaps you could say an art pop behemoth like Kate Bush/Bjork, with a heavy focus on organs and a pre-metal Chelsea Wolfe vibe.

Lucy Dacus - Historian. I didn’t give No Burden enough of a go…but the two preview singles to this (Night Shift and Addictions) have piqued my interest. Looks like it could be a nice slice or literate, folky indie rock.

Camp Cope - How to make Friends and Socialise. Quite a bit of hype around this. I like noisey, angry, punchy stuff like this…but, like everything in this vein, it will need the strength of songs to carry it.

Moaning - S/T. Getting lukewarm reviews, so it might be too flawed for some…but anything described as a shoegaze/post-punk hybrid usually gets my juices going…plus the singles have been solid so far.

Other things that people might mention:

Gwenno (cornish language psych-pop, anyone?)
Jonathan Wilson (loved his first 2…but have a bad feeling about this. Just look at the cover).

The Breeders’ new album is out tomorrow.


Looking forward to the Soccer Mommy record and Suuns.

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Tracey Thorn
Rolo Tomassi
Buffalo Tom
Soccer Mommy
The Men


I liked that Peggy Gou song someone posted somewhere so will check out her EP.

Seun Kuti’s new one too.

Lorenzo Senni & Francesco Fantini- The Challenge (EP/soundtrack thing)
Pangaea- Bone Sucka EP
Oceans of Slumber- The Banished Heart (didn’t like their last album but have heard this is better from a lot of people. Prog metal sort of stuff but apparently a bit more soulful than a lot of that stuff)
Gatecreeper/Iron Reagan split for fun and riffs

I’ll be getting Titus Andronicus and The Men

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Probably have a listen to…

Soccer Mommy
Lucy Dacus
Anna Von Hausswolff
Dealer Plates
Amaya Laucirica

Surprise release yesterday but you should all listen to the Everything Everything EP A Deeper Sea.

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I’m good thanks


Struggling to reconcile the strength of your listening club pick with the inability to recognise the best band of the decade :wink:

Can’t win them all mate


Suuns have a great album in them. Never quite delivered. Will give it a listen

Andrew WK - Not Alone - First album in about 10 years. First 2 singles sounded great, interested to see if he can keep the consistency up over the full album.

Streaming here:

The “spoken word” interlude tracks are clearly getting deleted as soon as I get an mp3 copy tomorrow.


I’m still listening to Loma, to be honest! Man that’s an album and a half…

Looking forward to hearing Suuns and Lucy Dacus, though.


Looking forward to:
Rolo Tomasi
Soccer Mommy
and Moaning

Also, totally agree New Releases thread should go up on the Thurs night. Great to know in advance what to line up tmrw morn…

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Soccer Mommy will be the first I’ll check out as I’ve her gig at Rough Trade East tomorrow.

Hugely looking forward to The Breeders as I’m an old man. Anna von Hausswolff looks very promising.

Being cheeky on this thread. If you haven’t already let me know your top three albums of February on my album of the month thread. I’ll count the votes on Sunday.

Same for me. New Titus Andronicus is always a big deal, and I can’t wait to finally hear it and watch the documentary.



78 albums released today by my count.

Not a single one which floats my boat.

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