New Album Releases 08/09/17

Really big day for releases this, I’ll just cover the few that I’m most interested in but no doubt there’s much more to investigate.

The National - Sleep Well Beast
Big fan of this so far. Mellow/melancholy feel taken straight from Boxer…with electronic embellishments

Susanne Sundfor - Music for People in Trouble
Immediately struck by the beauty of this. Much, much more stripped back than Ten Love Songs, but it’s a sound I’m really into. I love her voice.

Nick Mulvey - Wake Up Now
Seems to be going for a much more collaborative, world-music influenced sound. I’ve enjoyed the singles…but I’m hoping all the extra details don’t cloud his rhythmic guitar writing style.

A few more I’m interested to hear:

Mount Kimbie: Love What Survives
Zola Jesus - Okovi
Sparks - Hippopotamus

Yeah, not sure I’m going to get through it all today, though the office IS quiet, so maybe no interruptions.

Micah P. Hinson
Zola Jesus
The National
Tori Amos
Mount Kimbie
Death From Above
Neil Young
Chad VanGaalen
Susanne Sundfor
Alex Cameron

Huge release day, and I haven’t even finished getting through last week’s releases yet! Need to devote some listening time.

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Alvvays, Susanne Sundfør and Zola Jesus for me. I lost interest with The National many years ago.

Had a listen to The National on the drive in. It’s nice, but I need to have a proper concentrated listen later as listening in the car sometimes means that it washes over you.

Alex Cameron to listen to on the way home.

A couple of earlier releases there…but I’m nitpicking!

Never got Chad Van Gaalen…might give Deerhoof a go following a glowing endorsement from the one and only Big Jeff!

For me the Alvvays album is released at a bad time…I’m sure it’s a decent slice of indie pop but there’s too much more interesting stuff to listen to first

Ah, which ones are older (other than Neil Young, obz)? Just took them from

Have fun falling asleep to The National guys I’ll be over in the Death From Above thread having the time of my life.


Nah, turns out I’m wrong, could’ve sworn Alvvays and Alex Cameron were already out

Ted Leo is out today

Not sure if anyone is bothered about Zomby anymore but he’s got a new EP out today on Big Dada called GASP!

Probably put that on before heading out tonight.

Nothing but thieves new record is very decent - production is nice and some incredible vocals

You’re right, but I’d definitely recommend taking 4 minutes to listen to “Not my Baby” and then disregarding the rest of the album.

Really enjoying The National, will move onto Mount Kimbie after I reckon. Neil Young is great (but heard most of it before in different iterations) and Alvvays is fine for what they do but agree that it’s a bad time for them to release something.

Just do not get Alex Cameron at all, I feel like I should like it but it just does not work for me.

New Nosaj Thing out today as well :+1:

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Very poor day for releases I reckon. Liking the new Catholic Action and Honeyblood singles and enjoyed Tony Allen’s new album.

Will give Alvvays and Chad VanGaelen a spin later today.

The Nation record is great on first spin and I’ve just queued up Micah P. Hinson.

they put out an early release of this on bandcamp a couple of weeks ago as a charity pay-what-you-want album! dunno if they’re change it to normal price for official release day

still $1 or more, so far: