New Album Releases 1/10/2021

Yeah, the lack of any kind of promotion made me think it may just be new to streaming. But the fact it was a Mach-Hommy release I didn’t recognise threw me a little!

Also out in rap today:

Cookin Soul - Good Job

Not heard this project before but the first song in this record features Freddie Gibbs and sounds absolutely brilliant. Mac Miller, Evidence, Curren$y amongst the other features.


Myriam Gendron - Ma délire - Songs of love, lost & found

Montreal singer-songwriter with album of reworkings of traditional folk love songs from Québec, France and the USA. Some songs in English, some in French.


I love Robin Wattie’s voice and personally I’m glad Chip King’s tortured muppet voice isn’t anywhere near it. That’d sound bloody dreadful. Especially in a folk setting. My ears are weeping just contemplating it.

I would have liked to have seen what they could have done with a big heavy collab though. I like this a lot but it’s probably not something I’ll end up returning to all that much.


Lorenzo Morresi - Music for Closed Airports

Italian DJ/musician who I can’t find a lot about other than that he has collaborated with Tenderlonious and supported The Comet is Coming and Khalab and seems to have a taste for spacey acid jazz and 70s funk. This record is really lush and vibrant sounding, with nu jazz, disco synths, tribal chants, funky beats - really isn’t leaving many boxes unticked for me, I very much recommend taking a punt on this.


Tony Dupé - Margaret Hammett Lived
An album made in honour of his Great Aunt, who seemed to have a pretty awful life, to remember her. Field recordings and strings and things.
“This album is itself a small mercy and a great gift. The sad irony is that it takes the trappings of the church ~ the choir, the organ, the bells ~ and wraps around Margaret’s story like the comfort never afforded her in real life.” -

Patrick Siegfried Zimmer - Memories XI-XX
I used to like his old personna, Finn., Many years ago. Neo-classical type instrumentals.

Sirotkin - s/t
I’m going to pretend this is a self titled release, as I’m on my phone and no idea how to type the Russian EP title! Catchy enough Russian band, who I came across recently from a Spotify playlist from the Mew singer.

Sensible Soccer’s - Manoel
I think I heard them via Music League? Portuguese instrumental band.

Me Lost Me - The Circle Dance EP
Newcastle lass, who released a lovely album last year. “Folk, electronica, art pop, ambient and noise music.” Or, as I like to call it, folktronica.

Tara Clerkin Trio - In Spring EP
Jazzy sort of laid back music. But nice even to people like me that aren’t keen on jazz.

John Cameron Mitchell - New American Dream, Pt. 2 EP
Hedwig and the Angry Inch Director/writer doing songs that possibly could have fit in the Hedwig musical/movie.

Gustaf - Audio Drags For Ego Slobs
Art punk, FFO Illuminati Hotties maybe.


Yttrandet - Yttrandet

Posthumous release on Northern Electronics for this ambient/dub techno project from Victor Palm. FFO: Biosphere, that sort of thing.

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new 9 track P Money EP

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Kalabrese - Let Love Rumpel (Part 1)

Disco, House, Soul … Kalabrese lets it rumpel. The third album by the Swiss all-round musician is – as always – relaxed, comes straight from the heart, and is showing his typically own approach to melt disco, blues and club music into a wunderbar overall performance.

Finding this a really pleasant chilled weekday morning, lightly groovy minimalist house tunes with laid back vocals.


Beating is an absolutely stunning song, wow

Really like the 4 tracks from the new album that are on Bandcamp.

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Couple of EPs I’m enjoying:

Kohti Tuhoa - Väkivaltaa

Finnish hardcore punk

SW2 & Friends - Hither Green Glide / For The People

Jazzy housey breaks. Heard of this via Jamz Supernova’s excellent Saturday show on 6 Music. Doesn’t seem to be on Spotify yet.

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First CD I’ve bought in maybe a decade. Can’t believe they didn’t put the lollipop song or the dance mode tubes song on it

Ebo Krdum - Diversity

Afro-blues meets Scandi folk in an album apparently sung in eight languages from a self-taught singer and guitarist who fled Sudan for Sweden having been an active opponent of the dictatorship.

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Bummer - Dead Horse

Skull-crushing riffs, gargantuan bass and caustic howls delivered at breakneck speed with gleeful abandon.


Double Dagger - Sophisticated Urban Living (Contemporary Conveniences Edition)

To celebrate the reunion of the band this month, 11 unreleased tracks from 2008 offering the raw noise and energy of a DIY punk show.

I mean, I’m going to have to listen to something called this…


Wasn’t expecting anything exciting from the EITS soundtrack album but there are some lovely moments on there. Can imagine it working very well in an epic nature doc.

Still don’t get Tirzah

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Some of it’s great and some of it sounds like EitS :smiley:

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Slightly late in suggesting this one sorry (it says it got released on 24th) but…

Soccer96 - Dopamine: 2/3rds of Comet is Coming so expect psych jazz rave. Might be their best album yet.