New Album Releases 1/10/2021


Big day for contemporary UK R&B - Tirzah is the big one but I’m also interested in

Ray BLK - Access Denied

Features from Kojey Radical, Giggs and Stefflon Don on the long-awaited debut album from the winner of the BBC’s Sound of 2017 poll.

The Allergies - Promised Land

Funk & Soul & hip-hop party time

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Good day for new hip hop…


YUNGMORPHEUS & Eyedress - Affable with Pointed Teeth

Third album of abstract lo-fi hip-hop in 2021 for the LA-based rapper/producer from Miami.

Snap. Seems like that Mach-Hommy is actually a 2018 album but presumably new to streaming today. Sounds pretty fresh to me anyway!

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Yeah, the lack of any kind of promotion made me think it may just be new to streaming. But the fact it was a Mach-Hommy release I didn’t recognise threw me a little!

Also out in rap today:

Cookin Soul - Good Job

Not heard this project before but the first song in this record features Freddie Gibbs and sounds absolutely brilliant. Mac Miller, Evidence, Curren$y amongst the other features.


Myriam Gendron - Ma délire - Songs of love, lost & found

Montreal singer-songwriter with album of reworkings of traditional folk love songs from Québec, France and the USA. Some songs in English, some in French.


I love Robin Wattie’s voice and personally I’m glad Chip King’s tortured muppet voice isn’t anywhere near it. That’d sound bloody dreadful. Especially in a folk setting. My ears are weeping just contemplating it.

I would have liked to have seen what they could have done with a big heavy collab though. I like this a lot but it’s probably not something I’ll end up returning to all that much.


Lorenzo Morresi - Music for Closed Airports

Italian DJ/musician who I can’t find a lot about other than that he has collaborated with Tenderlonious and supported The Comet is Coming and Khalab and seems to have a taste for spacey acid jazz and 70s funk. This record is really lush and vibrant sounding, with nu jazz, disco synths, tribal chants, funky beats - really isn’t leaving many boxes unticked for me, I very much recommend taking a punt on this.


Tony Dupé - Margaret Hammett Lived
An album made in honour of his Great Aunt, who seemed to have a pretty awful life, to remember her. Field recordings and strings and things.
“This album is itself a small mercy and a great gift. The sad irony is that it takes the trappings of the church ~ the choir, the organ, the bells ~ and wraps around Margaret’s story like the comfort never afforded her in real life.” -

Patrick Siegfried Zimmer - Memories XI-XX
I used to like his old personna, Finn., Many years ago. Neo-classical type instrumentals.

Sirotkin - s/t
I’m going to pretend this is a self titled release, as I’m on my phone and no idea how to type the Russian EP title! Catchy enough Russian band, who I came across recently from a Spotify playlist from the Mew singer.

Sensible Soccer’s - Manoel
I think I heard them via Music League? Portuguese instrumental band.

Me Lost Me - The Circle Dance EP
Newcastle lass, who released a lovely album last year. “Folk, electronica, art pop, ambient and noise music.” Or, as I like to call it, folktronica.

Tara Clerkin Trio - In Spring EP
Jazzy sort of laid back music. But nice even to people like me that aren’t keen on jazz.

John Cameron Mitchell - New American Dream, Pt. 2 EP
Hedwig and the Angry Inch Director/writer doing songs that possibly could have fit in the Hedwig musical/movie.

Gustaf - Audio Drags For Ego Slobs
Art punk, FFO Illuminati Hotties maybe.


Yttrandet - Yttrandet

Posthumous release on Northern Electronics for this ambient/dub techno project from Victor Palm. FFO: Biosphere, that sort of thing.

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new 9 track P Money EP

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Kalabrese - Let Love Rumpel (Part 1)

Disco, House, Soul … Kalabrese lets it rumpel. The third album by the Swiss all-round musician is – as always – relaxed, comes straight from the heart, and is showing his typically own approach to melt disco, blues and club music into a wunderbar overall performance.

Finding this a really pleasant chilled weekday morning, lightly groovy minimalist house tunes with laid back vocals.


Beating is an absolutely stunning song, wow

Really like the 4 tracks from the new album that are on Bandcamp.

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Couple of EPs I’m enjoying:

Kohti Tuhoa - Väkivaltaa

Finnish hardcore punk

SW2 & Friends - Hither Green Glide / For The People

Jazzy housey breaks. Heard of this via Jamz Supernova’s excellent Saturday show on 6 Music. Doesn’t seem to be on Spotify yet.

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First CD I’ve bought in maybe a decade. Can’t believe they didn’t put the lollipop song or the dance mode tubes song on it

Ebo Krdum - Diversity

Afro-blues meets Scandi folk in an album apparently sung in eight languages from a self-taught singer and guitarist who fled Sudan for Sweden having been an active opponent of the dictatorship.

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