First proper release week of the year and obviously not a lot out yet.

Much to report?

Georgia - pop/electro

New Field music

Selena Gomez

Gunna check out the new Big Moon


This is what I plan to do to.

Currently three tracks into Field Music. Their instrumental stuff is good.

Beginning of the year massive massive plea for people to put a little info, especially genre or something in these threads with the bands so we can make an informed decision about what we’re checking out! Thank you!


New Grandaddy single

Grandaddy is an American indie rock band from Modesto, California.The group was formed in 1992, and featured Jason Lytle, Aaron Burtch, Jim Fairchild, Kevin Garcia and Tim Dryden, until Garcia’s death in 2017 following a stroke.
Much of the band’s music is characterized by Lytle’s analog synthesizer and the fuzzy guitar, bass and drums of the rest of the band.The band has variously been described as "bittersweet indie


That new Granddaddy is :ok_hand:


Enjoyed the Craven Faults EPs, going to give the album a spin (vintage synths, droney, hauntology Ghost Box kind of vibe)


Really looking forward to this. Those three EPs have been some of my favourite records of the past few years. Love me some repetitive krautrock style modular synth workouts.

Here’s the spotify link.


Other than those mentioned already Susanne Sundfør has a new soundtrack album out, Self Portrait. Instead of description/genre here’s a live version of a track from her last album


Not much else to report other than Georgia, Field Music and Big Moon mentioned so far. Jazz fans might fancy Moon Hooch, H ZETTRIO and there’s a new single from Moses Boyd too.

…and if you haven’t already got onto it - the new single from Squarepusher is immense.

Paris looks tasty

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So this is very much a short score of ambient background music with a lovely song half way through (When The Lord). It has compelled me to listen to her live album from last year so job done. Such a great voice

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New Beach Slang today which I’ll try without much hope. Their first two EPs had great lo-fi Japandroids-y energy but everything since has felt more hollow and cynical, especially the singles from this. Got a kicking from pitchfork yesterday too…

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New North Atlantic Drift (floating on a cloud ambient)

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I’m seeing The Big Moon tonight and Georgia tomorrow and so that’s my listening for today sorted out.

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My partner’s second solo single is out. It’s beautiful and lovely. I dun drumming on it


…and here it is!

I actually thought The Things We Do… and A Loud Bash were both excellent. Feel a bit sorry for the band (well, James Alex) as they’ve been through so many band members/problems in the last few years. Absolutely cracking live as well.

There a new electric soft parade album out!


worriedaboutsatan have snuck a new album out, apparently featuring vocals from Sophie from Her Name is Calla. Haven’t listened to it yet but I can’t imagine a universe where that doesn’t sound great.


My pal Gregor has out out a wee post rock EP under the name Choirgiant. Give it a listen. Love this boy.