New Album Releases 11/6/21

new Dean Blunt is nice, although not as strong as Black Metal

found out his real name today, feels very strange

This Sleater Kinney record is really great.

It is. Pointlessly limited to 500 copies and yours for about £37. Isn’t RSD great for music fans?


I was about to come in and say that I’m beginning to suspect that King Gizzard et al must be some kind of algorithm as there’s no way any human could put out that much music.

Then heard the first couple of songs and, well, it’s just a lack of quality control now isn’t it?

(Admittedly that is pretty unfair - most of their albums are at least quite good)

This is excellent stuff!

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Hi new release fans. As you may have seen on last week’s thread, @TVDenimChap is stepping back from putting together the weekly round-up polls.

I’m going to have a go at taking this on and see how it goes, time-wise. I did one for last week and it went ok and I figured out the other settings I need to toggle for next time! So I’ll add the poll for this week to this thread on Thursday.

One plea: it makes it so much easier to compile if you can include the artist and release title in the body of your post in the format ‘Artist - Title’. Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

And thanks again to @TVDenimChap for all the roundups!


Will do, and apologies in advance for how much work I add! Really appreciate you picking this up as I have the great efforts of your predecessor. Didn’t spot the Tehran compilation last week I til the poll (think this was actually your tip as well?) and it’s great!

This might be what you’re alluding to in working out the settings but would be good to keep the polls set to show who voted - useful at a glance when you know whose avatars you tend to see against things you like!


Thank you and yes that is exactly the setting I was alluding to!

I also hadn’t worked out how to properly quote a post from another thread, which I now have!

Yes, that Tehran compilation’s great! Not sure where I stumbled upon that one - maybe a Bandcamp recommendation.

This is great. Thanks for highlighting it, The Incessant is one of my favorite albums of the past few years and I had no idea they were releasing something new.

Think fans of Agent Intellect-era Protomartyr will like this one a lot in particular.

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One of my favourites of last year gets a rarities EP (out today):

Hi new release enthusiasts!

Last week, Japanese Breakfast, Wolf Alice and Loraine James were the board’s favourites.

As another new release Friday is almost upon us, let’s check in on what we’ve been enjoying from this week’s new stuff.

  • AFI - Bodies
  • Alessandro Cortini - Scuro Chiaro
  • Annsofie Solomon - Only Space and Time Can Tell How to Breathe in an Ocean Shell
  • Beta Radio - Year of Love
  • Chloe Foy - Where Shall We Begin
  • Clem Snide / Eef Barzelay - Smothered & Covered Vol. 1
  • Cold Cave - Fate In Seven Lessons
  • Danny Elfman - Big Mess
  • Dean Blunt - Black Metal 2
  • Dizzy - Separate Places
  • Dustin O’Halloran - Silfur
  • Emotional Oranges - The Juicebox
  • Folly Group - Four Wheel Drive
  • Garbage - No Gods No Masters
  • Illuminati Hotties - Pool Hopping
  • Ìxtahuele - Dharmaland
  • Julian Lage - Squint
  • Junodream - Travel Guide
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Becoming Ferromagnetic
  • Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song Remix Series
  • Kenny Segal - Indoors
  • King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard - Butterfly 3000
  • Lorde - Solar Power
  • Marina - Ancient Dreams
  • Meat Wave - Volcano Park
  • Mind Maintenance - glow & glimmer
  • Part Chimp - Drool
  • Phosphorescent - The BBC Sessions
  • Ramona Cordova - Naive
  • Red Ribbon - High
  • Siavash Amini - A Trail of Laughters
  • Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise
  • Sleater-Kinney - Path Of Wellness
  • Sleeper - This Time Tomorrow
  • Social Haul - Wet Eyes
  • Sparkle Division - CLASSIFIED
  • Sven Wunder - Natura Morta
  • The Joy Formidable - Chimes
  • This Is The Kit - Off Off Oddities
  • TWICE - Taste of Love
  • Various Artists - Sassy and Strong: Forgotten Sides From Nashville’s Finest Ladies (1967-1973)
  • Vaudou Game - NOUSSIN
  • Wanderings - Searching / Momentary
  • White Flowers - Day by Day
  • Wil Bolton - Sumida Colours
  • Your Old Droog - TIME

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Didn’t see the mention of Cold Cave earlier, so glad I read through this list.

On Cold Cave, though: does anyone now if the various members of New Order are struggling financially at the moment? coz if they are they should call their lawyers:

(I love it)

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The Íxtahuele album is superb isn’t it? Hadn’t heard of them before, but this is really some top-tier exotica.


This is great

This just popped up on my Discover Weekly, and I was about to post about it but thought I’d check if someone/you had posted about it already! Very intriguing sound. Lots of guest singers on it, but I think Khadja Bonet is the only one I know.

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Yeah it’s a really interesting album, I enjoyed it a lot. Khadja Bonet was the only name I recognised as well. Was tipped to this one from The Guardian’s contemporary album of the month column, which is usually worth investigating.

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I missed this new one from Joana Serrat. RIYL Neko Case I guess. It’s beautiful. I saw her at Primavera once (at Barts, on a lineup with Angel Olsen, Grouper & Juana Molina). She was great.

Whoa, I was at that Angel Olsen gig too. Had no idea who the other acts were that evening. if only I’d know then that I’d really like Grouper!

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I knew / was a fan of all except Joana Serrat. That was the first time I heard her but was really impressed.

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