New Album Releases 11/6/21

In addition to some stuff that’s already been posted

Maximalist pop bangers. 3 or so of the singles have been absolutely huge.

Title track sounded like a really good revival of The Bends-era Radiohead sound (more along the lines of Nice Dream than Just)

Light singer-songwriter pop. The Bird Behind the Drapes is a lovely melancholy piano ballad.

Then there’s three releases that I’ll listen to in the slightest hope they’ll compare to stellar previous works, but in reality Im not really looking forward to in any way.


Just Sleater-Kinney for me. While I can recognise it’s not a bad album, it’s not doing much for me. I think I’m going to have to dip out from them now - Their post-reunion stuff just hasn’t hit home. :slightly_frowning_face:

Is that an actual new Sleeper album out today?

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It’s a big day for 90’s indie kids with crushes on the lead singers if Sleeper have an album out because so do Garbage.

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Ha, I love it when I wake up in the morning, and obviously just check my phone whilst I’m still half asleep and come to the DiS music board and see this new thread and suddenly realise that it’s Friday and therefore its new music day and so excitedly rush off to my release radar on Spotify to see what’s waiting for me!


Ramona Cordova - Naive
Wow, this was a surprise when I saw it popped up I absolutely fell in love with their first album that came out 15 or so years ago. It was just such a dreamy little story of an album. The first track sounds good so far.

Annsofie Solomon - Only Space and Time Can Tell How to Breathe in an Ocean Shell
Ooh, her voice sounds lovely. Maybe a bit like Ane Brun? I’ve just heard the last track on this EP which is beautiful, so I’m looking forward to the rest.

Junodream - Travel Guide
They describe themselves as space rock. Nice sort of slow indie band sound anyhow.

Clem Snide / Eef Barzelay - Smothered & Covered Vol. 1
Clem Snide used to be one of my favourite bands. Lovely ironic beautiful Americana sounds. Eef’s songs seem a bit too stripped back and samey to me these days, so I’m not sure this cover album will reel me back in, but I’ll give it a go.

Sven Wunder - Natura Morta
Instrumental album. Almost a little bit jazzy.


I have a couple of tracks out from a lofi mini-album/ep out at the end of the month. It’s pretty different to my normal stuff so i’ve put them out under a different name -


Oooooh new Sparkle Division! That album from last year was really fucking good, looking forward to hearing more of their stuff.

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Kind of. I think it’s a “lost album” that is finally seeing the light of day.

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As fair warning if anyone was planning to give this a listen, I’ve just seen there’s a track on this called Throatzilla and the lyrics are definitely prettttty NSFW, so maybe not one to put on the office stereo.

Produced by Jez from Doves.

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Would so like to listen to this but have not found it on Apple or Spotify yet :frowning:

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Thanks, it sounds nice, but I don’t think I quite like (one of?) the singer’s voice unfortunately. On some songs more than others anyhow!

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It’s 3 tracks, under 8 minutes total sadly, but it’s really good.

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The singles prior to the album have been really nice.

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As has been mentioned upthread, there’s the Sleeper ‘lost album’. This came out back in…January, I think… but maybe it’s just arriving on Spotify today, not sure. It includes songs written by Andy and Louise just after Sleeper split up first time plus some Jon demos and some tracks originally meant for a Louise Wener solo album. Now the band are together again, they have finished these tracks off and this is the result. I was a big old fan of Sleeper in the 90s and I really enjoyed this album too. Worth a listen I reckon.

Sleeper - This Time Tomorrow

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Not heard of these before but really enjoying this album. Hard not to hear Radiohead’s ‘Just’ in the guitar parts of the opener though.

“Dazed, languid indie rock”

Meditative jazziness using African instruments

EP from London band, FFO Fontaines DC etc.

Relatively catchy post-punk


First track on the Marina album slaps

Better than nothing!

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That illuminati hotties single is the best thing I’ve heard so far today. Still ages until the album unfortunately.