New Album Releases 11/6/21

New Lorde sounds like Siobhan Donaghy’s solo stuff. I like it :+1:

Ìxtahuele - Dharmaland

Swedish pan-genre exotica band with the first recording of sheet music written in the early 60s by original hippie composer Eden Ahbez recently discovered in a Washington DC library by a documentary maker. Imagine an Afro-Cuban cross between Brian Wilson’s Smile and Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown, commissioned for a Wes Anderson movie.

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Cold Cave seem to be aping 80s UK indie pop acts on this EP - they’ve already released a great New Order pastiche, a decent Depeche Mode stab and now there’s one that’s straight out of The Cure’s songbook on here.

Marina one seems to be extremely hit and miss, again. That debut really is looking more and more like lightning in a bottle with each subsequent release.

Where do you get the time? :open_mouth:

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haha I don’t know. this came about so quickly I only started working on it 6 weeks ago. they are all short pieces, about minute and a half long and a couple of older tracks i’ve reworked, but there’s 13 tracks in total. It’s been a welcome distraction because I have a bit of writers block on the techno side at the moment tbh.

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I was just listening to the album and it’s rellly good.

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Danny “Simpsons Theme” Elfman has a new non-soundtrack album out. FFO Sparks, Devo, Residents. I’m a few tracks in, enjoying it so far.

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Ooh that looks fun - seems to be an rsd release

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That mind maintenance record is cool, good background music for a warm afternoon.

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Pre-ordered the album yesterday , but yeah October ,so long wait.

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Yep completely Identical to Just guitar parts

New Siavash Amini, for all your drone needs.

Ambient, minimalism, electro/acoustic

Piano, modern composition


I’ll listen to this walking back from work later because of the name alone.

SLAYYYTER! :metal:

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This is great. Another Dinked edition I’m gutted to have missed.

Started listening to the Garbage album. It’s actually pretty good but the version on Spotify lasts two hours! I’m guessing/hoping the they’ve chucked loads of b sides on here. Especially as the second half is lots of lots of covers/duets.

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Listed as 2cds on Qobuz

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new Dean Blunt is nice, although not as strong as Black Metal

found out his real name today, feels very strange

This Sleater Kinney record is really great.

It is. Pointlessly limited to 500 copies and yours for about £37. Isn’t RSD great for music fans?