New Album Releases 15/09/17

No one doing one of these today? Guess I’ll have to!

Big|Brave and Open Mike Eagle are the big ones for me this week. I’ve had the former for a while and it’s utterly brilliant - if you don’t know them imagine Swans fronted by Bjork (a slightly flippant description but puts you in the right ballpark). I’m listening to Open Mike’s new one now and it’s really chilled, seems like a more warm, nostalgic kinda thing than his last few. It’s a concept album about the now demolished projects neighbourhood he grew up in. Think it’s gonna take a few listens to settle but he’s one of the most consistently excellent artists around right now IMO.

What else is worth putting into ears this week then?

haven’t given it a listen yet, but Auburn Lull - Hypha. What I have heard sounds less shoegaze than before and more ambient.

Antibalas keeping it funky on their new one, Where The Gods Are In Peace. Pretty sure it’s impossible to dislike afrobeat

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Hot Water Music - Light it up. Gave it a spin this morning. Gruff and anthemic and energetic. Decent Hot Water Music album basically.

Myrkur - Mareidt

Sorry buddy, on vacation this week

Gonna jag @BodyInTheThames who has officially released an absolute banger of an album today.


Ooh, had no idea they had a new one out. That’s exactly what this morning needs.

my release radar this week seems to have been sponsored by Reading’s Lock Up/Pit stage. I tried the Arcane Roots album. it seems like they’ve tried to make something that sounds midway between Martin Grech and chart pop. I liked their last one, but am less convinced so far. Slotface and Tired Lion are lined up for later.

I’ve also just noticed Kiran Leonard has a new one out. he’s astonishing live, but I’m yet to be convinced on record.

It seems that while the rest of the band played Creep live a few times this year, Philip Selway found time to write a soundtrack for Let Me Go.

That’s about all I’ve got. 5ive have put their 2006 EP Versus up, so I’ll give that a listen too.

Ariel Pink so far. So tempted to check out the early stream of the new Chelsea Wolfe album. Told myself I was going to hold out for release day next Friday but not sure I’ve the resolve

New Emily Haines album out today

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oooft! looks like I picked a bad week to give up vitamin supplements.

The Chelsea Wolfe album is damn good. Not sure if that means you should wait or listen now tbh but it’s a cracker.


The new Myrkur album is one I’ll be checking out tonight;

Sounded ok on first listen. Will listen again seeing that there’s nothing much else catching my eye.

Already given the Ariel Pink album a go. Decent. Now listening to Prophets Of Rage, which is exactly as you would expect it to be. I like it. Kiran Leonard, queued up afterwards.

Slim pickings this week, but to be expected after the past two weeks of bang after bang after bang.

oh yeah, I forgot about POR. nice.

I don’t think I can bring myself to listen to Lost Prophets even if RATM are involved.

I felt confused about whether I should listen to the new Lee Ranaldo or Ariel Pink first. That was a pretty good feeling.

there’s a remastered 2xLP/CD of Bark Psychosis’ Hex out as well.

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Not sure if you’re joking but Prophets of Rage have nothing to do with Lost Prophets, it’s members of RATM, Audioslave & Public Enemy.