New Album Releases 15/09/17

Already given the Ariel Pink album a go. Decent. Now listening to Prophets Of Rage, which is exactly as you would expect it to be. I like it. Kiran Leonard, queued up afterwards.

Slim pickings this week, but to be expected after the past two weeks of bang after bang after bang.

oh yeah, I forgot about POR. nice.

I don’t think I can bring myself to listen to Lost Prophets even if RATM are involved.

I felt confused about whether I should listen to the new Lee Ranaldo or Ariel Pink first. That was a pretty good feeling.

there’s a remastered 2xLP/CD of Bark Psychosis’ Hex out as well.

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Not sure if you’re joking but Prophets of Rage have nothing to do with Lost Prophets, it’s members of RATM, Audioslave & Public Enemy.

and B-Real of Cypress Hill

Enjoying Rostam’s ‘Half Light’ album today. His Vampire Weekendisms shine through nicely.

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I managed to hold out… for today. Got high hopes for it. Someone posted something along the lines of it being like a slowed down Converge which sounds delightful

Sløtface debut came out today. Stupendously energetic and hooky slice of pop punk. Saw them at Great Escape and have been keeping tabs since and recommend to anyone who likes their indie rock/punk poppy and with female vocals.


Cheers man

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The new Myrkur album showed up in the mail for me earlier this week. Love it. Rest of family not so keen.


Good stuff!

On paper big brave should be right up my street but the record didn’t grab me at all on the first couple of listens. Will give it another try

I’ve spent the day alternating between Myrkur and Ninos du Brasil

Couldn’t recommend the latter more - so tribal I felt like injecting some frog poison and transcending to another world. Really hypnotic. Also a great cover!


Ninos du Brasil is a great shout. Right up my street. The sort of album that belongs in here perhaps?

If anyone likes Wild Nothing style guitar pop…the new Swimming Tapes EP scratches that itch perfectly (especially since the last WN LP was a bit weak).

As someone up-thread mentioned, relatively slim pickings this week but next week looks to be a (potential) stormer.

For me so far it is just the Hope Sandoval EP (Son of a Lady) and the debut LP from Mini Dresses, which is pretty sweet. Still a few things to check out, including some of those mentioned already.

There’s also a new Open Mike Eagle for the hip hop heads


gah, I edited the Soundcloud link and now that one doesn’t show up anymore