New Album Releases 8/10/21

She Drew The Gun - Behave Myself

Totally missed this on Friday. Political psych pop from the Wirral.

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Yeah after 3-4 listens it’s phenomenal. Kinda surprised it’s not getting more buzz atm

Taraka - Welcome to Paradise Lost

Been mentioned already by @rustypiss upthread but I’ve only just got onto it. I didn’t know Taraka’s stuff or Prince Rama, her previous duo. I love this though, a pop-punk album on the face of it, but it jumps all over the place, stylistically - I was never bored by this. And there’s lots of, ‘what’s that bit borrowed from?’ fun to be had. My favourite album this week, I reckon.

It was Bandcamp album of the day on Friday. Their reviewer said,

Solo debut Welcome to Paradise Lost is a mind-scrambling collection of bratty punk, shambolic psycho-sonic-babble, sun-bleached revivalist surf, and old-school psych ridden hard and put away wet. Abstract sonic collages swallow melodies and outros, repeatedly. Where a lesser artist might have put a bridge, Taraka jerks “Total Failure” into a new key and sugary commercial-jingle weirdness with no more than 30 seconds to spare.


Its a fun album and I completely agree its a difficult one to get bored listening to for the sheer number of odd turns it takes. Not spotted the Bandcamp write up, its pretty ace, I especially liked the story of the first EP Rage in Peace, very rock:-

“she pressed it onto vinyl containing the ashes of the bonfire into which she’d thrown Prince Rama’s stage outfits, records, and whatever else.”

Also this line that, despite having to Google the definition of almost every single word in the sentence, summed up this album quite well:-

“Her dadaist machinations dazzle by the sheer force of their maximalism.”

Lastly so glad its showing the cover for the album instead of the single as I love that photo of the snake on her head.

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I really enjoyed album No Eres Tú, its like the ultimate post rock track with a philosophical debate about Donkey Kong and Minecraft in the middle of it. Nice build up and obviously the crescendo of the title track when it finally all comes together is excellent. Also the band say to try listening to it on shuffle and it mostly works, thanks to that bass line, which is a nice touch (they have a 6hr video on YT which shuffles and loops the album called No Eres Tú 666D).

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Atongo Zimba - A to Z

Just come across this, lushly produced Ghanaian griot stuff, lots to enjoy (though I do wish I knew what stories he’s spinning)


This is quite an album. This song in particular takes one for a ride…


Saw her live on her last tour.

The new album took a few listens to get into. No real stand out songs but the whole album works really well and have probably heard it through three times today.

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You’re so welcome! Lots of badgers around these parts!

Prince Rama were really good. Top Ten Hits At The End Of The World was great. Fantastic live too. Have only heard a few of Taraka’s solo tracks, must check the album out.

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Sorry, I know this is a little late! It’s been a bit of a mental week, so I’ve not even had a chance to check out new releases this week at all. But I’ve gone through the whole thread and filled up the collaborative playlist now.

Thank you to you good people who filled up it earlier in the week.


Really loved this EP, thanks! Great sounds and songs. If it was in Music League I’d have given it multiple points.

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And just wanted to add that I’m very happy with the Efterklang album. I’m a long time fan, and I liked their last album, but didn’t love it. This new one is great.

And I posted an album by Far Caspian above, but just wanted to add that it’s worth checking out if you like the Radio Dept. - definitely has similar vibes.

I hadn’t spotted he had an album out, thank you! Really enjoyed his EPs and singles he’s put out up till now, so looking forward to slinging this on today.

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Of the 64 new releases we mentioned last week, Illuminati Hotties took the honours, followed by Tirzah then joint 3rd for Hovvdy and Audiobooks.

64 new things this week again. What did you like?

  • Alda - A Distant Fire
  • Anaïs Mitchell - Grace Cathedral Hill
  • Anna Leone - I’ve Felt All These Things
  • April Magazine - If The Ceiling Were A Kite: Vol 1
  • Atmosphere - Word?
  • Atongo Zimba - A to Z
  • AVAWAVES - Chrysalis
  • BADBADNOTGOOD - Talk Memory
  • Bored Lord - The Last Illusion
  • boylife - gelato
  • buttechno - Inorganic Demons
  • Charlotte de Witte - Asura EP
  • Christoph El’ Truento - Live from the Cloudy Subtropical
  • Dina Ögon - Dina Ögon
  • DJ Harvey - Mercury Rising (Volumen Tres)
  • Eddie Kaine - A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
  • Efterklang - Windflowers
  • Far Caspian - Ways To Get Out
  • Freya Beer - Beast
  • Howlin Rain - The Dharma Wheel
  • Inwards - Feeling So Fun Reality
  • James Blake - Friends That Break Your Heart
  • Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business - He Earns Enough EP
  • Jerusalem in My Heart - Qalaq
  • JOHN - Nocturnal Manoeuvres
  • Karen Peris - A Song is Way Above the Lawn
  • Kayla Painter - Somewhen EP
  • Kevin Morby - A Night At The Little Los Angeles (Sundowner 4-Track Demos)
  • Kolonel Djafaar - Movin’
  • Kowloon Walled City - Piecework
  • Lake Haze - Atomic Level
  • Lala Lala - I Want The Door To Open
  • Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World
  • Måneskin - MAMMAMIA
  • Marja Ahti - Still Lives
  • Matt Maltese - Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow
  • Michael Price - The Hope Of Better Weather
  • Nihiloxica - Kaloli Recycled
  • Pablo Color - Hora Azul
  • Porches - All Day Gentle Hold !
  • Rupture // Rapture - Daylight
  • Saint Kochi - Saint Kochi EP
  • Sam Fender - Seventeen Going Under
  • SCALPING - Flood Remixed
  • Screensaver - Expressions of Interest
  • Shannon Lay - Geist
  • She Drew The Gun - Behave Myself
  • Shy, Low - Snake Behind the Sun
  • Stef Mendesidis - Klockworks 33
  • Susana Baca - Palabras Urgentes
  • Taraka - Welcome to Paradise Lost
  • The Alchemist - This Thing of Ours 2 EP
  • The Gluts - Ungrateful Heart
  • The Specials - Protest Songs 1924 - 2012
  • The Velveteers - Nightmare Daydream
  • The World Is A Beautiful Place & I’m No Longer Afraid To Die - Illusory Walls
  • thoughtcrimes - Tap Night
  • Topdown Dialectic - Vol. 3
  • Triángulo de Amor Bizarro - No Eres Tú
  • Various Artists - Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine, Vol. 2
  • Various Artists - Fire Draw Near (An Anthology of Irish Traditional Song and Music)
  • Various Artists - Worldwide FM (Ennio Styles) - Stylin’ 1000
  • W. H. Lung - Vanities
  • Wyndow - Wyndow

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Have created an archived version of this week’s playlist in preparation for NEW SHIT tomorrow.

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Haven’t been totally grabbed by anything that came out on the 15th so spending a bit more time with some of the terrific releases from this week, of which my favourites were:
Taraka - Welcome to Paradise Lost
She Drew The Gun - Behave Myself
Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business - He Earns Enough EP
Wyndow - Wyndow
Shannon Lay - Geist
Karen Peris - A Song is Way Above the Lawn
Pleasingly, there was only one of those that was properly on my radar and I was looking forward to (Wyndow); the rest were nice surprises.

I’d like to give a shout out to whoever recommended Me Lost Me (which oddly didn’t appear in the poll?) as this is a great listen by someone I’d not heard of before. Thank you that person!

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You’re looking for it in the wrong week’s thread. It came out on the 1st October and was recommended by @paulo13

And picked up 1 vote in that week’s poll!



Thanks both! :slightly_smiling_face: