New Album Releases 8/10/21

Really glad you shared this, I saw this tagged with genres that made me glance at it but took the title to mean it was amateur religious stuff, but it’s great, as you would expect with Moor Mother involved.

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This sounds awesome on first listen. So many tunes!

Topdown Dialectic - Vol. 3

Restrained dub-techno, FFO Mauritz von Oswald, Actress (at his most formless)

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My new EP is out today. Really happy with how this one has come out.

Glitchy Melodic Techno


looking forward to this, singles have been great

Shannon Lay - Geist

Contemporary folk singer-songwriter on Sub Pop. Also a member of The Freedom Band, Ty Segall’s backing band.

“…a velveteen folk-rock album where the earthen and the celestial meet in a seamless embrace”, says Uncut


AVAWAVES - Chrysalis

Contemporary classical duo with their second album of delicately beautiful piano and violin. Like this a lot.


Nice thanks - sounds a lot like Alela Diane (who i like a lot)

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enjoyable pop

BADBADNOTGOOD is great. They should have called themselves GOODGOODNOTBAD amirite!


Innocence mission singer solo alum (sounding BEAUTIFUL!!)


Has the John Coltrane ‘A Love Supreme Live @ Seattle’ been pushed back? I know physical is back a few weeks until the 22nd but was hoping to stream before physical copies arrives.

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The songs of John Prine by yer men bon iver / conor oberst / my morning jacket / lambchop etc


Oh yes, I’d forgotten about this one. I’ve loved what I’ve heard from it so far. She’s got the whole family involved as backing band, her husband on bass and drums and her kids playing violin and viola on a couple of tracks!

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such a recognisable voice too

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new Charlotte De Witte for the Techno fans -


im sure it was supposed ot be today but now saying 22nd for physical and digital

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Yeah - a kind of dialled-down Joanna Newsom (in the nicest possible way, I love Joanna Newsom’s voice too).

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Inwards - Feeling So Fun Reality

Downtempto instrumental electronica 7 track EP/mini-album, reminds me of Daniel Avery, maybe, or Lemon Jelly.

Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business - He Earns Enough EP

Rabble-rousing six-piece ensemble Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business is a testament to the raw power and untamed joy of communal singing, and features members of Bas Jan, Trash Kit, F*Choir and Bamboo as well as solo singer-songwriter Rubie

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