New Album Releases 8/10/21

Yeah, new BADBADNOTGOOD is incredible. Gonna be getting a lot of listens.

Seeing them tonight. Don’t know them well so must get a few listens in to this today

Looking forward to giving this a listen.

She must have only been in the Freedom Band for the First Taste tour, she wasn’t there for their Levitation Session

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Looking forward to some of the suggestions already listed here today. So my morning finds have been:-

Pablo Color - Hora Azul - Chill summer vibes with a hint of Salsa, had me dancing before the sun came up.

Kolonel Djafaar - Movin’ - Funky Afrobeat. Its called an album but appears to have only 2 tracks listed so far and is actually only released on Tuesday 12/10. Regardless I enjoyed Kolonel Djafaar’s last 2 EPs and this single is suggesting good stuff to come.

Taraka - Welcome to Paradise Lost - Lo-Fi Pop Punk. I used to enjoy some of Prince Rama’s tracks and so far enjoying the couple I’ve listened to on this. Its basic but fun. I will also admit that 90% of this suggestion is simply due to the picture of her in the bath with a snake on her head.

Christoph El’ Truento - Live from the Cloudy Subtropical - A DJ Producer from New Zealand. I really liked his album from 2018, LWMP18, and recommend the track Hoohaa on it. Looking forward to this one and the 2 tracks available are a nice change of pace, really like the track Cloudy Subtropical.

Lastly apologies about suggesting something released back in September here but I stumbled across it during the week and thought it was excellent for a ‘name your price’ release and surprised its not been mentioned…

Various Artists - Worldwide FM (Ennio Styles) - Stylin’ 1000 - Funky Jazz. A little something for almost anyone.


Quite probably, she played bouzouki on the First Taste tour, apparently!

FAO @Mert_Aksac

They ask why I’m so hot, cause I’m Italiano :it:

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yeah she did a bit of bouzouki, acoustic guitar and second bass when i saw them

stayed on stage for the Manipulator stuff but seemed like she was mainly there for the First Taste stuff

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Thanks for the heads up. They are playing Edinburgh on a Monday which is far from ideal, but I’ve seen them already so will probably give it a miss

Busy day for me.

Rupture//Rapture Melodic techno. Another great ep.

Scalping have a remix ep ft people like Mogwai. The Hodge remix is a beast.

Shy, Low
Post rock / metal.
The track Umbra has mariachi turmpets and is :ok_hand:

There’s a new Lake Haze ep
Chilled beats


WH Lung album is brilliant. On my third playthrough. Love it.

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Screensaver - Expressions of Interest

Groovy post-punk with a hint of underground 80s disco and new wave plus witty lyrics to boot. On Upset The Rhythm.

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I will be listening to this


Saw them a couple of weeks back with @colossalhorse (and even bumped into @chadders) - JOHN were great fun! Had missed them twice in 2019 in a smaller venue and when they supported mclusky so was glad to catch them.


Have emptied out the DIS New Releases collaborative playlist on Spotify, but apologies not had time to fill it back up again. But if people want to start doing the honours, please be my guest…


This one? :rofl:

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New album from Cascadian atmospheric black metal band Alda, first new material since 2015.
FFO Wolves in the Throne Room, Agalloch etc.

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New Atmosphere album is sounding great so far. Rhymesayers hip-hop, ffo Aesop Rock etc


confused…have you already posted?

Looks like the one you linked with Bon Iver was out in 2010, its Vol. 2 that’s out today.

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Up there with my AOTYs so far. She’s so special.

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