New albums 16/6/17

New Lorde, Fleet Foxes, Royal Blood, Big Boi albums today.

Listened to some of Lorde, not for me.

Also listened to most of Fleet Foxes but it’s boring. I love the debut. This is just, I dunno, a bit tuneless.

Not got high hopes for Big Boi, even though Sir Lucius Left Foot is one of the best things ever.

Anything I’ve missed?

Nah fleet foxes is niiiice

Have always written off Fleet Foxes as boring but have been loving this. So rich and tuneful and dense with little embellishments. Nice in the sun.

I’m keen to listen to the new Young Thug. His ‘singing album’. Had a quick listen to the new 2 Chains ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’ which I’ve surprised myself by loving.

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New Ride is sounding pretty decent so far. Kevin Morby might also be worth a gander later on

Glad to hear good things about Fleet Foxes. Come across two reviews so far. The Pitchfork one’s written by Ian Cohen, so as if I’m reading that, and the NME one drones on about fonts…

Could always listen to it myself, but I don’t currently have control of the office speakers.

I’ve never been a massive fan of Fleet Foxes, even though they should tick all my musical taste boxes. Always find that I lose interest about halfway through an album. The new didn’t even grab me from the off here. Just nothing to make it stand out. Will give it another go.

Ride is good, Kevin Morby is nice (not as good as Singing Saw). Outside of stuff that has already been mentioned, I’ve also got Jason Isbell, Com Truise, Ruby Suns (this might have been last week), Goldie and Moby all queued up.

took ages for them to click for me, the second album finally got me when i persisted with it as i was due to work at one of their gigs (also helped by 6music hammering it at the time).

haven’t kept up with the singles from the new one but the first single sounded promising

There’s a new Com Truise? Wondrous!


Palm’s “Shadow Expert” EP and Hidden Orchestra’s “Dawn Chorus” are out too.

new Ride album was much better than I thought it would be.

New Ekoplekz record is predictably excellent

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Single Mothers are back with another helping of their brash swaggery post hardcore. There are even a couple of slightly more poppy numbers on it, that worked really well on first listen

I’m a sucker for most things Daryl Palumbo so the debut from Color Film will be getting a number of pumps on my stereo too. it will probably go down as someone else jumping on the New Wave revival bandwagon, but I’m not averse to bandwagonery.

The new Kevin Morby and Fleet Foxes really helped ease me into the working day. Also gave Beth Ditto’s solo album a go; it’s loaded with indie disco bangers!

Intend to listen to:
Jason Isbell - meant to be more along the lines of Drive-By Truckers than the last two
Hundredth - Melodic hardcore goes shoegazey
Rancid - It’s Rancid I guess.

(can’t get enough of the preview tracks on this.
bandcamp desc.: “transcendental drone-pop… fist-in-the-air anthems… distorted power chords, powerful leads, sheets of drone”)

Jefre-Cantu Ledesma
(v. disappointing… he’s lost the personality of his previous records. this is just some generic dreamy shoegaze)


I had completely missed that Color Film were releasing an album. thank you!

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There’s a new album from Rise Against today, too. Not really a very DiS band, I guess.

And The AV Club slated it (mind you, their music coverage is rarely the best)

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yeah that new Jefre was a huge letdown. His last album was a bit of a mixed bag but this was basically a generic shoegaze album saved only by having some quirky production.

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Ooo I had forgotten about the Palehound album! Cheers

Great shout with the new Com Truise, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: