New Albums - 26/01/2018

Lots of albums out this week. I’ve got Django Django lined up but first going to give the new Tiny Moving Parts album a go (punky mathhy emo).
There’s new king-skin jazz in the form of another album from Nightmares On Wax.
Machine Head fall even further out of favour, with more earnest metal. i mean jesus guys, all anyone wants is another Burn My Eyes.
I think there’s a Marmozets album out too, which I’ll certainly sample.
That At The Drive-In ep is getting a general release.

There’s probably a load of jumped up muso-jams out too, so get your list on…

oooh, Craig David’s new album is out too.


New ones from Dream Wife, Calexico, Nils Frahm and The Spook School also on my radar, as well as the aforementioned Django Django.

Solid release day

Ty Segall’s new one is officially out, although it’s been streaming all week on NPR and will now actually be harder to find…

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Practically identical to you plus Hollie Cook and Half Japanese too. Crazily good day for new albums.

New Migos is out too

New Nils Frahm is quite nice. Couple of really good tracks and a lot that sort of breezed by me.

Nothing else is really enticing me atm. Gonna keep an eye on this thread in case anything is blowing people away.

first listen so happy to admit that I could be proved wrong over time but new Django Django sounded very much like the last album - a couple of killer tracks but a lot of filler too. Disappointing that they’ve never really lived up to their potential so far (debut is generally very good and certainly more consistent but still has 2-3 duds)

Really like the opener on the new Django Django.

Will probably listen to that to death and ignore the rest of the album.


Just wrote a gushing review of Rhye…with surprise that no one on here was interested…to discover it’s out next week :frowning: :frowning:

Just Django Django, Ty Segall and Nils Frahm for me then. Will keep an eye on this thread for any hidden gems

anyone reckon i’ll dig this new Django Django if i loved the debut but barely gave the second album 5 minutes?


How come it’s not on Spotify? Was looking forward to that.

Nils Frahm is basically just incidental music for TV dramas at this point and I’m not sure why he’s selling out 2000 capacity venues or as popular as he is.

The new Migos bangs and I’m really impressed with the poppy new Django Django record.

I didn’t even know there was a 2nd one till this morning. I’d give it a go.

It’s on Drag City, none of their stuff is on Spotify. I think it’s on Apple Music though?

Also someone has put it on Youtube already

Much prefer it to his last one, which I thought dialled back his eccentricities a bit, whereas this one absolutely goes for it.

Aussie Grindcore/death act Portal have a new album out:

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Who do you think I am, Johnny Spendsabunchofmoney?

I’ll just imagine what it might sound like or find it on YouTube.

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Dream Wife for me.

There’s a new Turin Brakes album out, I guess?

Nils Frahm this morning. Like @colossalhorse said, nice enough, but parts drifted by. Gonna have a proper listen later.

Also have A Hymn For Ancient Land by Jim Ghedi lined up on a recommendation by resident Records.