New Albums - 26/01/2018


Yeah…it’s much closer to the first in sound than the second. Basically they cram a shitload of ideas into 11 pop songs. It’s good.


Nils Frahm releases too much music. He’s sort of the classical Kozelek. It’s all nice but it feels less special because there’s so much to digest. An album every two years, please.


Nah I love him - although admittedly listen to his stuff mainly while reading, which perhaps gives some ammunition to the background music brigade.


It’s only 40 minutes long if that helps. The last album was good I thought but definitely overstuffed


New No Age - really enjoying them being back on first listen


took me a few listens but i ended up really liking the second album.


yeah, really enjoying it. is good


This already seemed to be streaming on Spotify this past week. Naturally it’s great!


The new Tiny Moving Parts is great.


Quite liking the new django record so far, I’m on first listen.
Off to see them at some gig tonight someplace in ol London Town. Not seen them live in a good few years.


i put on the new death pedals record and immediately started pogoing around the kitchen


This isn’t out till 12th February you crazy maverick!

Good album though. Shame they’re breaking up.


oh whoops! feel free to delete


Passed me by that this was out today, thoight it was next month, away to have a listen


Really enjoying The Spook Schools new one on first couple of spins. Saw them live last year too and they were great


Anyone know why the new No Age isn’t on Spotify? :frowning:


Don’t think Drag City put anything on there.


Ah, didn’t realise it was a Drag City release. That makes sense. Hopefully they will eventually seeing as all the Oh Sees stuff is up now… or at least a lot more than there used to be.


I might have missed it earlier on - my Spotify Radar added it in today. The track “Why Not?” is pretty ace :slight_smile:


Last year’s Cornelius album has finally got a CD release over here