New Albums 3/12/21

What bounce u listenin 2 huns?

I’m interested in….

Trees Speak - Vertigo Of Flaws: Emancipation of the Dissonance and Temperaments in Irrational Waveforms

Really enjoyed their last one and it soundtracked a lot of my sunset walks in the woods over the summer.

FFO: krautrock, modular synthesisers, unnecessarily long album titles

I’ll also give Tom Morello - The Atlas Underground Flood a go. Rage Against The Machine are Christmas music now.

FFO: guitars going “squeeeeee”


Mario Batkovic - Introspectio

Second album on Geoff Barrow’s Invada label for the accordion virtuoso doing for his instrument what Colin Stetson has done for the saxophone. The last album was immense and a track from it recently went down a storm in Music League so I expect a bit of buzz around this one here!

Jamire Wiliams - But Only After You Have Suffered

Delayed a few weeks, this is one I know @paulo and others have been keenly awaiting; a densely layered and deeply personal new work from a multidisciplinary artist, composer, percussionist & producer who “applies sound collage practice to modern jazz composition, beat production, MC/vocalist features, and his uniquely impressionistic drumming style.”

GAS - Der Lange Marsch

It’s a GAS.

intoxicatingly blurred boundaries of post-ambient infatuation and the impenetrable thicket of abstract atonality. The distant, iconic straight bass drum marching through highly condensed, abstract sounds taken from classical music by the sampler or modulated accordingly, and the enraptured gaze through pop art glasses into the hypnotic thicket of an imaginary forest

Nils Frahm - Old Friends New Friends

Double album of solo piano pieces from throughout his career which didn’t end up on the many albums whose sessions they were composed during.

Rival Consoles - Overflow

“a resonant and explorative soundscape of original music, composed for renowned choreographer Alexander Whitley’s contemporary dance production Overflow”.

Matthew Halsall - Salute to the Sun - Live at Hallé St. Peter’s

Live recording of one of 2020’s best jazz records


Various Artists - Essiebons Special 1973 - 1984 // Ghana Music Power House

From the Analog Africa label (who did that really good Cameroon Garage Funk one recently), this collection celebrates the contribution of the Dix and Essiebons labels to Ghanaian and West African music in the 70s and 80s, including a bunch of previously unreleased tracks.

Дочь (Daughter) - Нити (Threads)

Art-pop from Moscow

Aunt Sally - Aunt Sally

Remastered from the original analog tapes, this seminal, eponymous post-punk album by Japanese group Aunt Sally, fronted by experimental singer Phew, was first released by the iconic Vanity Records label in 1979. Over the past forty-plus years, Phew has forged a singular path through a wide range of styles - from free improvisation to pop - and has collaborated with the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto, members of Can, DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten, The Raincoats and more. But Aunt Sally is where she got her start and, despite the members’ young ages (still in college at the time), Phew and the band delivered a mature, timeless take on minimalistic punk.

EERA - Speak

Dream pop


Also if anyone missed them, Arca had been releasing follow up albums to last years Kick I daily since Tuesday! I think today’s is the last for now:

Arca - Kick ii-iiiii


And a Christmas one:

Kathryn Williams and Carol Ann Duffy - Midnight Chorus

‘Midnight Chorus’ marks the meeting of two of our most gifted writers, ruminating on a season with obvious affection and a joyous, honest tenderness which never shies away from the darkness beyond the light. From uplifting festive celebrations ‘Hang Fire’, ‘Hidden Meanings’ and previous single ‘Snow Angel’, (a wholesome, nostalgic piece that paints a wonderful picture of a small-town family home in the lead-up to Christmas Day) through to the more tender ‘Christmas Moon’ and ‘Mary’s Cariad’, it’s pointedly, made up of twelve emotive tales with beautifully heart-warming, classic instrumentation, dexterous musicality and layered harmonies.

I did not know there was a new Analog Africa coming today, this is a genuine early Christmas present!

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A much busier week for me after last week! The Mario Batkovic album is on my list, along with the below albums.

Gabriels - Bloodline EP
Absolutely loved their Love In The Time Of Hate ep from late last year. Deep amazing voice and great music. Really disappointed to miss their small gig in London earlier this year, but hopefully I can see them next year.

Ekin Fil - Feelings
Turkish drone-folk. Apparently she “brings to mind ethereal darkwave without any trace of goth”, in case that’s your thing. Maybe a bit like Grouper? Based on this song I’m listening to at the moment anyway.

Xim Jim - El Sussero Es Un Misterio EP
Peruvian experimental musician. Very intriguing.

Gyda Valtysdottir - Ox
Ex-Múm singer, so expect ethereally Icelandic voiced singing and beautiful music.

Dialect - Keep Going Under EP
Intriguing sounding instrumental tunes with various sounds. Like it’s from a Pixar short movie.

Deep Throat Choir - In Order To Know You
A female and non-binary choir collective on Bella Union. Their debut was a great mostly-covers album, and this one is their own songs now I think. Excellent live group too.

Alice Phoebe Lou - Child’s Play
Second album this year from the South African musician. Catchy sweet indie pop.

Slow Meadow - Upstream Dream EP
Neoclassical instrumental soundscapes.

Monokimono - Jij & lk EP
Flemish slow poppish kinda sounds.

Hilary Woods - Feral Hymns EP
Instrumental atmospheric soundscape things. I miss hearing her voice though.

Bessie Turner - Themed Nights EP
Indie guitar solo pop. Saw her sing a couple of songs with a very drunk Bill Ryder-Jones at Mutations festival last month.

Arranquemos Del Invierno - El Powder del Mar
Some random act from Chile that appeared on my release radar somehow. Actually released last week, but it sounds really interesting so far.

Is it Bandcamp Friday today? Gosh it’s going to be a busy day!


Thought today was going to be a quiet one

Thanks all!


New Tierra Whack EP!


A few from me to add

New remixes of an old favourite

Indie rock (actually an EP)

Mellow jazz

Scottish art rock

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Listening to the new Deep Throat Choir. Is lovely as per.

Anyway, FFO jangly indie pop I suppose

Diet Cig - Live At Studio Two Three


Next in the series of Can live albums.


DJ Harrison - Tales from the Old Dominion

2nd album on Stones Throw, mostly instrumental Hip-Hop, with a couple of vocal features.


Sorrynotsorry for being that guy @hankscorpio, but that Trees Speak album came out last week. I mentioned it in last weeks thread. Although you mentioning it again has reminded me I need to listen to it, so glad you did post it!

Oh yes! Can’t wait to dig in, will be my first listen today. Also excited about the new Gabriels EP (thanks again @paulo13 for playing them pre season!) and the DJ Harrison album.

No sign of the new Mach-Hommy yet, though. Hmph.


New Benoit Pioulard - usually delivers some nice ambient/experimental type stuff

This Amygdala live set from audiotree the other week was savage. Cropped up on digital now. Great band


Ah yeah the record comes out today but digital was last week.

Hey folks, New Releases Collab playlist has now been refreshed with all the stuff mentioned so far this week. Please feel free to add!


WIll definitely give Slow Meadow, Hilary Woods, GAS and Aunt Sally a go. I swear Nils has three times as many “offcut” albums as proper ones.

Couple great posts early doors. Nice one.

Imed Alibi & Kalil EPI - Frigya

Tunisian collaboration of Afro-Arabic percussion and dancefloor electronica.

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Adrian Younge & Ali Saheed Muhammad - Jazz is Dead 10: Remixes

Georgia Anne Muldrow, Pink Siifu, Cut Chemist and Natureboy Flako amongst the artists contributing remixes of tracks from the Jazz is Dead catalogue.

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