🐼 New Albums June 2 2023 🦞

And a quick plug


That’s how I felt about May, there were at least 4 records the first week of June that beat that whole month…

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a.s.o. - a​.​s​.​o.

Missed this one at the time, so adding it now because it might be in the reckoning come album of the month time for me. This is 90s trip-hop sounding - the Morcheeba-esque moody soul end of trip-hop. It’s by the duo Alia Seror-O’Neill and Lewie Day and this is their debut album. Good work!

I’ve just discovered this so popped into the thread to see if it had been added! Loving it: it’s like an album-long version of ‘Pure Shores’ by All Saints.

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