New Albums September 23rd 2022

Happy Friday pals. Only one I’m excited about today…

The Comet Is Coming - Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam
Shabaka Hutchings’ jazz rock dance party band, should be a rager.

What have you got lined up? I’m driving to Essex later and need to fill my playlist!


Ffo: strange skewed pop/indie music

Already listened to this this morning. Love it, love all his albums but this one has really hit me hard on the first listen. Something about how clean it sounds for his strange compositions is just sounding so good. Highly recommended.


Looking forward to giving this a listen.


This is fucking CRACKING.


Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin - Ali

Mystic Revelation of Rastafari - Grounation

50th anniversary edition of spiritual Jamaican Afro jazz classic. FFO The Congos, Sun Ra, John Coltrane.

Ellen Arkbro & Johan Graden - I get along without you very well

Loved her debut (‘For organ and brass’) - this sounds quite different - a collection of delicate, downtempo songs.


Her debut was brilliant and the singles from this have been excellent


Makaya McCraven - In These Times

Jazz, of the soulful variety if the title track is anything to go by.

Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World (Deluxe Version)

Massively extended version of their 2021 catchy synth pop album with alternative versions & a couple of remixes including one by Danny L Harle.

Eddie Kaine & K Sluggish - Chosen

Kaine’s album with Big Ghost was one of my favourite albums of 2021, so I’m always happy to give his new stuff a go. Expect underground Rap/Hip-Hop.


New Beth Orton


Her last album was ace so hoping for good things

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New Nils Frahm


There was a Broken Social Scene live album yesterday too

Bloke from the walkmen


New Wednesday track. Got major Pixies (Dead) vibes off the 20 second FB clip I heard the other day


THREE HOURS of it :face_with_spiral_eyes:


The Wonder Years - The Hum Goes On Forever

emotional pop punk


Ohhh soooo many good albums today

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Tim Burgess has a new one too


Ellen Arkbro and Johan Graden - I get along without you very well
Swedish and German duo, ephermeral vocals, very hushed and relaxed - “a distinctive sonic pallet, of brass, woodwinds, upright bass and synthesizer”. Sounds quite promising. Ooh, I can see @smncx has posted this also, but will leave it in as it might be worth a second post.

Eerie Wanda - Internal Radio
Haunting dreampop.

Altopolo - Frenemy
“Elements of R&B, electronica, ambient and jazz through their deconstructionist approach to guitar-driven music reminiscent of artists such as Bon Iver, Moses Sumney and Black Midi.”

De Lux - Do You Need A Release?
Synthy dancey pop.

The Cradle - Radio Wars
“auto- tuned nursery rhyme hooks”

Klara Keller - BANG EP
Swedish catchy bedroom indie pop.

Jake Blount - The New Faith
His album is apparently an Afrofuturist story set in a world devastated by climate change. Not entirely sure I like it yet, a bit folky and bluesy, but different at least.

Ian William Craig - Music For Magnesium_173
Soundtrack for a computer game, “an arsenal of modified tape machinery, electronics and his own gorgeous voice, with the results forging a unique kind of choral-based, heavily-abrasive take on ambient composition.”

Sofie Royer - Harlequin
Viennese baroque pop?

Synthy slow pop. One song has Katie Dey guesting on.
June Jones - Pop Music For Normal Women

Big Scary - Me And You
Aussie duo piano indie.

Caroline Shaw and Attacca Quartet - Evergreen
neo-classical string compositions, with a bit of singing thrown in.

Bertrand Betsch - Jukebox Babe, vol. 1
Second album in a few months from this suave sounding French chap.

Julien Gasc - Re Eff
I think I seemingly follow lots of French musicians now. More French suave pop.

Marisa Anderson - Still, Here
Instrumental guitar noodlings. Had previously done a collaboration with one of the Jim Whites.

The Humble Bee - An Opposite Fall
Two 15 minute ambient tracks.


A lot for me today - especially looking forward to Alex G, Sorcha Richardson, plus this posthumous release from Dr John (New Orleans jazz/funk, apparently with a country and western vibe(?))

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this new album from Intensive Care “That We Be Made Worthy” - boneheaded knuckledragging sludge/hardcore from Toronto that doesn’t seem to be on bandcamp or discogs yet