New Alvvays Album

Oh fuck what!?

I went on the website at a random time and tickets were just there so I thought better wait until the gang RSVPs :sob:

Edit: I just bought two tickets no sweat, what’s the big idea?

All sold out on See bar Brum:

Ah ok. They were still availble for Manchester on Eventim until this afternoon, gone there now tho

They’re ‘out-store’ gigs to promote the album during release week - Crash Records are listed as promoter for both Manchester and Leeds. They’ll be back for a ‘proper’ later no doubt

Looking for one or two tickets for the London show if anyone has a spare now or closer to the gig? Thanks

Belinda Says and Very Online Guy now on Spotify/YouTube

Belinda Says is absolutely gorgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Fucking love this band