New American Football track just landed


All of the fuck yes <3


Sounds a LOT like At Home With Owen, hey? But with more sparkle



As I said in the other thread, I don’t want an owen album with more band, but this and the other songs and whoever it was that reassured me about it have made me pre-order the lp.


just wish the vocals weren’t so high in the mix (on the other new one too)


i’m giving the album a first full listen on the bus to work. i really like it so far. <3


Yeah, this is about as good as it was ever going to be. It’s not the first album but still really enjoyable. it sounds so lush, perhaps a little too polished? probably not. I think I’d still just like less singing, but that’s all.


Yeah all of that lush, polished sound with a beefed up band kinda destroys what was so special about this band/album in the first place. Although perhaps it was naive to hope for something similar. Not a criticism at all, things change and evolve, but that first album’s special for specific reasons which appear to have been lost with age. Ah well.


i think i went the other way a bit. i was so expecting to dislike/feel really let down by it that i’ve ended up being quite pleasantly surprised on a first listen.


Listened twice now and it’s all quite, quite lovely. Only disappointment is it not living up to the standards that they had already set. Think we can all let them off that!


Lol at perfect 10 score on dis but


I was hoping to like it but finding it ‘nice’ but ‘boring’ so far. :confused:


Only two listens down but echo-ing a lot of the above. Beautiful production, very well crafted…but a bit overly polished. Bit too similar to Owen and I’d have preferred less vocals. I like Owen quite a lot but this isn’t distinctive in the way the debut was and is closer stylistically to the former. Almost like a companion piece to King of Whys. I am probably wrong but the vocals are prominent in the mix and a similar mood prevails. I’d score both LP2 and King of Whys with high 7/10s so far.
I am hopeful by listen 6 or 7 for it to have sunk into my heart more and to have had a deeper impact/impression. If not its still a very worthwhile piece and I’m still looking forward to the gig in February.


Found this album very pretty and it sounds gorgeous, but the songwriting isn’t doing it for me. Kinda bleh with the odd flourish, there is nothing really to grab onto, very average sadly :frowning:


Definitely see where you are coming from here but I’d give it a few more spins - most of the tracks are starting to hit home and have an impact now…definitely revised my opinion upward from my last post anyway - I’d give it a low-middling 8/10


for me that sums up pretty much anything past At Home With Owen


Yeah I’d not listened to any Owen stuff before so have had a bit of a binge on it this week to get up to speed. Gotta admit it’s all pretty underwhelming apart from At Home With… which is a very solid listen ain’t it?

So yeah don’t know what it is but when the dude teams up with the American Football guys something just clicks for me. It’s all about the interplay of those guitars which is absent from his Owen stuff. I just really really dig it.


i kinda felt the same at first


it was a bit overwhelming for me seeing as the first album means a lot to me. it’s like a moving on album. i mean it’s been 17 years and a lot has evolved for each musician and studio technology etc has also moved on. i think if they tried to recreate the first album, it wouldn’t have stuck for me so much. it’s taken a few listens and i’m starting to understand it more now.


This album rules! check it out!