New and unread



There must be a way to clear both to zero, as you would, say, an inbox. Right?

Moanday thread

Read them all?


Unread you can dismiss. New you can’t.


Ahhhh… just what I was searching for. A “mark all as read” function.


If you goto your profile options, you can change this setting.


This reply won’t help you at all, but i have my preferences set up like this so that everything i haven’t looked at either appears in New or Unread. It’s quite enjoyable* to read all the threads in order to clear the numbers, also i’m consuming ALL the #content and staying top of the charts*

*I am a boring person


We’ve now done over 200k pageviews so you better not be responsible for too much of that. It means it’s gonna cost over $200 a month to host the forum :-/


uh oh, that’s me telt :anguished:


To be fair we finally have a forum people can use on their phones so there’ll be far more traffic.