New Arca's album!

So what’s your opinion?

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strangely beautiful. wasn’t expecting to think that. had it on a loop last night as i worked. evocative stuff. almost ghost-like. i like a lot.

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I’m into it

This is amazing
Never heard of Arca before this, early AOTY contender for me clive.

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A stunning, stunning record. One of, if not the, best records I’ve heard this year.

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Is it much better than the others?

Aye enjoyed that, much more accessibile for him. Will revisit.

Very different. Whole new territory for him.

Had a chance to listen to the album all the way through a couple of times over the weekend and not disappointed - the vocals seem to have given him leeway, or perhaps the structure, to give the music some space. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t end up being one of my favourite albums of the year.

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It’s alright, imagine Ian William Craig would knock it up in an hour pissing about on Garage Band

Stunning. Best electronic music I’ve heard for absolutely ages. It’s a massive departure from some of his more violent work. I saw him at Sonar a few years ago and it gave me an actual panic attack - hoping the live experience at the Roundhouse is more in tune with the softness of this album.

This year is shaping up well what with Talaboman and Octa Octa’s recent efforts.

The last 20 minutes of the album (from Coraje to the end) is absolutely stunning.

A new album from The Arcas!

Vibe is creepy choirboy singing over glitchy post-industrial beats but I dig anyway. Maybe my favourite Arca since &&&&& :sunglasses:

Finally got round to this. Love it!

Best he is ever done. Probably in my top three for the year so far. Some of these tracks are stunning. Epic almost


So much of the reverb just sounds perfect. Desafio is so good.

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Just adding my name to the list of people who love this. Another cracking album with scary mouth-based artwork.

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Still digesting this, sounds pretty incredible in parts