New Artist named SUPPLY - What do you think?

New artist named Supply put a song on YouTube called “We Won’t Bend”

More to come, but what do you think of the first song?

All supply, no demand


Haha Well I reckon demand is the eventual goal…

Jag, they’re no sweet gorilla.

Not sure there’s really a DEMAND for s-

Oh it’s been covered. Bye.


They’d be OK to cover in the absence of a real band but I don’t think I’d be offering a permanent contract.

Haven’t listened to it, obviously.

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Well that comment was strangely nonsensical… hah

No “they” tho… just one guy.

Strangely? You’ve obviously not been on here that long.

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I actually thought my supply teacher extended joke was quite well crafted.


I was going to make a play on the word “surprise” but then I thought much, much better of it.

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I enjoyed it.

(the joke that is)

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Have Les Alanos reformed?


Hmmm, I find it horrendously irritating. Sorry.

SUPPLY the earplugs amiright

Supply as in to provide or supply as in the adverb for being supple?


As in, to supply caress @zxcvbnm?

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