never got into the last album really. this sounds decent, albeit not one of their most memorable. reminds me a bit of Enemies.


Oooh! Quite like this, glad there’s no vocals. Sounds proper summery about halfway through.

I struggled a bit with Heirs, but it’s a proper grower and I really like it now, more than All Hail Bright Futures, which has sadly only got an EPs worth of songs I actually enjoy :frowning:

Fantastic band though; Gangs is an absolute masterpiece.


really liked All Hail Bright Futures when it came out as i loved the less heavy, more Tera Melos-y sound to it - but yeah it became apparent after a while but there aren’t that many good songs on it really (the good ones are brilliant though)

should maybe revisit Heirs then. the more vocals thing was a nice novelty on AHBF but i thought it got a bit tired very quickly by Heirs, hoping this track is a sign that they’ve scaled it back this time.


Big Thinks Do Remarkable, Like a Mouse, Ambulance, Mend and Make Safe = all great. I really cannot remember anything else off the album though.

Tell you what, I’ll give All Hail Bright Futures another go, if you give Heirs another spin and we’ll report back :slight_smile:


deal! :smiley:

Young Brave Minds is great too. only saw them do it live once and wanted to shout along gloriously at the end until i remembered i can’t make out the actual words.


oh wow this is the actual album cover


New song’s ok. I’ll admit I checked out a little with each release after Gangs. Everything they’ve done after that has been a little samey. Admittedly, they’re still incredible live, but the “whooooooooaaaaaaahhh” onslaught of their last record was a bit much. Not massively fussed on this cover too.


i like this, shaping up to hopefully be a bit of a return to form


This is excellent.