New At The Drive-In track



Relationship of Command b-side


Is it?


nah that was my review, posted it before listening to it. now having heard it i’d say it’s about 6/10 accurate.


You review songs out of ten after one listen? Fair play.


no, i’m saying that… never mind.


It sounds nothing like Relationship of Command.




Could be better, could be worse.


It will be good to hear it in the context of the new album. Promising stuff imo though.


That’s what I thought when I heard the first song from Refused’s comeback album. What a disappointment that was.


Hmm not sure about this after a first listen. It’s alright I guess


Initial thoughts after back-to-back listens: the lyrics seem even more plucked from a dictionary at random than usual and it’s a fairly safe attempt to sound like themselves musically but it rips along at a fun old pace and I think it will work well live.


Lyrics/vocals of this band render it unlistenable which is a shame because the music seems good generally


not very good-to-average/10



(I’ve not heard it btw.)


“like a Relationship of Command b-side” I should have said. It does sound closer to the albums before ROC production wise to me though.


Meh… its alright. A bit one dimentional. Closer in sound to In Casino Out material.


I could imagine Omar saying something like “Maybe you should do a shouty bit in there too, people like those.” while Cedric presses refresh on horse_ebooks.


I was taking issue with your conversation with Eric. It’s like he’s not allowed to not like it. Think a flippant joke response is fine too.