New At The Drive-In track

Relationship of Command b-side

Is it?

nah that was my review, posted it before listening to it. now having heard it i’d say it’s about 6/10 accurate.

You review songs out of ten after one listen? Fair play.

no, i’m saying that… never mind.

It sounds nothing like Relationship of Command.



Could be better, could be worse.

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It will be good to hear it in the context of the new album. Promising stuff imo though.

That’s what I thought when I heard the first song from Refused’s comeback album. What a disappointment that was.


Hmm not sure about this after a first listen. It’s alright I guess

Initial thoughts after back-to-back listens: the lyrics seem even more plucked from a dictionary at random than usual and it’s a fairly safe attempt to sound like themselves musically but it rips along at a fun old pace and I think it will work well live.


Lyrics/vocals of this band render it unlistenable which is a shame because the music seems good generally

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not very good-to-average/10


(I’ve not heard it btw.)

“like a Relationship of Command b-side” I should have said. It does sound closer to the albums before ROC production wise to me though.

Meh… its alright. A bit one dimentional. Closer in sound to In Casino Out material.

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I could imagine Omar saying something like “Maybe you should do a shouty bit in there too, people like those.” while Cedric presses refresh on horse_ebooks.


I was taking issue with your conversation with Eric. It’s like he’s not allowed to not like it. Think a flippant joke response is fine too.