New Badges (post your suggestions!)

technically, the times we’ve bumped into each other on south west trains/guildford north street count as meats.

sorry man.


Depends how you define a meat, I’d say it only counts if there are 3+ DiSers in one place.

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Looks like we can get the system turned on to allow for automatic granting of badges should anyone come up with anything that could conceivably use this feature.

First people need to work out what badges you want.

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Id like to claim my ‘access to the cron jobs’ badge please. @plasticmike can confirm


I thought there should be a badge for getting all the other badges, but I am not sure that is an easily achievable one.


In a wonderful act of altruism I’d like to give all my badges to someone who would really want them. You know, if it would make some badge loving loser happy.

But keep your grubby mitts off my badges of honour.

Thanks mods. Hugely appreciate the quick turnaround.

How about a 1000 profile views badge?


If we can do automatic ones, absolutely! From what Theo said upthread though, that looks kind of doubtful.

So any suggestions for comedy ones that we can give out manually are currently what we’re primarily looking for.

Zero reply thread badge


The Jordan badge


“Accurately predicted the death of a member of the Royal family”

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They are all going to die at some point

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I first heard about Drowned in Sound dot com from a badge I was handed while queuing for a gig.

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Which gig?

Kinesis / Reuben / Miss Black America at the Camden Underworld. DiS sponsored tour as i remember it.


Are you sure this wasn’t like the time you didn’t meet the drummer out of Foals?

Definitely thought people would have more actual suggestions for this

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You do realise we already have several of these right