New Badges (post your suggestions!)

@moderators can I lose my Peru flag now?

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Having never been part of AQOS I have no idea how it works. Different people host it each time, or…?

It’s a bit like Countdown. Every now and then the producers have to find someone new to present things. Obviously, behind the scenes @discobot does all the hard work.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

one person usually organises the entire season (or two people split it between themselves) but then that person is too busy / can’t be bothered to do it for a while so someone else will offer

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Well I’m happy to make a badge like this if The People want it

  • the people want it
  • no one cares

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I envisage a beautiful future where there are so many badges that when you visit the badges page, your browser crashes like the ol’ TST.


make a badge for “i have all the badges” that you can never get, since you don’t have that badge


I Have No Badges

Petrolheadz badge.

Owns a 1.6L or higher petrol or diesel motor vehicle.

think japes should get a badge for running secret santa

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Secret Santa’s helper


Alright, give me some names then

laelfy & roastthemonaspit

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laelfy, pnikkers, moana spit, colon

sharp_yet_blunt did the first ever one (iirc) but he’s not on the boards any more

pn has denounced the quiz though now so maybe AQOS deserter would be more appropriate