New Badges


Hi @1101010!

I think we should get some more badges, either automatic ones or ones that us mods can give out manually. We could take some suggestions, and then we can decide which ones to go for.

More badges to the people!



This is how it starts.


power’s gone to their heads.


We should have physical badges posted out for the ones we already have before we consider getting new ones IMO


Do any of you guys remember when Hilary Clinton said “Pokemon Go to the polls”?


Please can I have the badge “flushed sadpunk’s poo away”


edit: sorry misread


I haven’t had a badge for ages. Think I peaked early.


can i have a badge wr



I’m still waiting for my “met both plastics” badge, cos I have. Twice


Needs to be 3+ times


met both plastics and they had a plastic plant on them when I met them. beat that.


thinking about it, maybe the plant was real. looked plastic to me.


i’ve met both plastics while wrapped in plastic carrying a plastic bag singing fake plastic trees


I approve of this. Just make shit up and add them whenever you’re in the mood. To start with, I’d like a badge called badge and I’d like @Badgertastic to have it.


we’ve not killed it yet


can’t beat that I’m afraid.


“baked a thing”

badge for when you’ve baked a thing