New Badges


Me too though, so good thing you brought it up


Is there any scope for an ‘Actively Ruining My Career’ badge for when we’re on here but should be doing a project? Can I claim please?

Also I’ve met both plastics once, years ago, and haven’t had a badge for that.

@plasticmike please confirm


ooh @DarwinBabe would get all three badges as well i think


I’m done making badges for today pals but will definitely want to procrastinate even more tomorrow! :+1:


‘Disintegration State Hero’

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Not even on DailyThreadBook


I meated @marckee in Stockholm, don’t think any pictures were taken though

I also meated @lemonbrickcombo in Paris, similarly unphotographed

About time @isibuko and I meated …though that’s probably not badge-worthy given that we’re both Stockholm dwellers


And by isibuko there I mean @stupidsexyflanders of course


Freakin’ drama queen


It’s probably only granted when the scheduled job kicks off to gauge things as if it was constantly checking the DB it would grind the site to a halt. :wink:


We should!!




Latest addition:



Thanks wr!


I’m bumping this as inspiration for the lucky raffle prize winners.






Just like to bump this every now and then in case someone has an inspired moment


Can I have a “member of the Dharma Initiative” badge


did you do that thing i asked you about


Yes WR, make a VaguePosting badge for wassisname