New Bamnan album Miniature Epiphanies out now! 🎵

Hi everybody!

I’m really excited to announce that my new record Miniature Epiphanies is out now on our very own Disintegrated State label!

Back in mid April I was having a chat with an old friend I’d lost touch with for a while about art and creative motivation etc and mentioned that I’d been really enjoying working within self-imposed restrictions this year for my Moons of Jupiter and Baum EPs (Piano/Nylon string respectively).

I got to thinking on where I could go next for a project and realised I had never really made much use of the Korg Minilogue analog synth I bought last year. Thought it might be fun and invigorating to try and compose an album using solely this instrument.

This resulted in my first full length album of 2018. An 8 track venture composed and recorded over two weeks in May with all sounds generated from the Korg (and a little effects work through Ableton Live of course :wink: )

This is relatively new territory for me so I’m not even sure exactly what genre some of this falls into but I guess it’s somewhere between ambient, chiptunes, IDM and weird old 70s synth records like Mort Garson’s Plantasia!

Special thanks to everyone involved with Disintegrated State, especially @Twinkletoes & @colossalhorse for their efforts with promotion/social media and whatnot and of course special thanks to @mcgarnagle for his fantastic work mastering these songs and bringing them to life beyond my limited talents.

You can purchase here!

And of course check out all the other great stuff on the label

I’ll update with a link to Spotify when it goes live there (home internet is down at the moment so I just wanted to get the word out there :slight_smile: )

Thank you so much for your time and support as always x



This album is incredible - as I’ve said elsewhere, it’s top 5 of the year so far for me. _Alone At The Beach (Post-Apocalypse Mix) is maybe my highlight. It’s got that Ulrich Schauss analogue warmth and a really satisfying ebb and flow (like the tide, innit) to the music.

Just thrilling to hear Bam’s undoubted compositional flair applied to my favourite kind of music. Super proud to be putting this out :slight_smile:

It’s that triplet wub-wub-wub bass that brings it all together


thank you so much for your hard work and effort promoting, organising, bringing a positive attitude and so forth. Mega appreciated! x

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Oh, and we had a hiccup from our distributor which is delaying the streaming service release. It should be there in the next day or so.


(I’m not being rude if I don’t respond guys, roadworkers have drilled through the Sky cables in Northants so nobody has any internet!)

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Well done on getting all this out guys :slight_smile:


Looking forward to this one I must say. Will take numerous listens when I get back on Monday.


Bloody good work Bam, you went and released a mofo-ing album! That is so cool! So many people never get that far, and never have those people who believe in their talents, so I’m glad Disintegrated State spotted it and helped bring it to a wider audience.


Only heard Alone at the Beach so far, but daaaaaaamn it’s good. Going straight on my anti-anxiety playlist, it’s so soothing.


Holy shit dude.


This exceeds all expectations. Fuck. It is so good.


It’s been so weird sitting on this for so long and having no one to go “It’s so good!!!” to apart from @McGarnagle

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Haha, totally.

Bam, listening to some more and I’ve gotta say this is a cut above. You know I’m a big fan of your other stuff but this really showcases how your skills have matured over the years. I’m constantly staggered by how you can breeze from genre to genre with seemingly no difficulty. In short, I love you, please be mine.


@bamnan is in fact several smaller people called Colin, all on top of each other’s shoulders and wearing a large coat.


Colin More Sons


Or alternatively: “BAM! I wish I was your lover.”

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this is truly magnificent work


Was really looking forward to this following the DS primer last week. (Anyone that’s not checked it out, please do!)
@Bamnan this is really great stuff, thought the Moons of Jupiter EP was wonderful & this is equal to if not better.
Well done m9!


It’s been a hectic morning at work and having this more or less on repeat has got me through. Words don’t do it justice!

Could be the soundtrack to the next breakout indie game, makes me think of Ben Prunty and the FTL soundtrack.

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if I had my own label I would have called it Mawsongs, as a nice reference to Harrisongs!

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