New bamnan album: zeon awakens: shining force 2 reimagined

Hi everybody!

Back in 1994 I had one of my earliest and most inspirational experiences with the concept of a soundtrack and how it could influence a piece of work when I played and adored Shining Force 2 for the Sega Megadrive


Many of us nerds know how amazing the Megadrive soundchip was for crunchy synth bass and crisp beats but what can get overlooked is the amazing compositional prowess of some of the unsung heroes of the 16 bit era.

That said I present to you a reinterpretation of the work of Motoaki Takenouchi with of course some new elements and a dose of Bamnan magic sprinkled in there.

I don’t think you really need to have played the game or even been a fan of videogame music of the era to enjoy it so I’m hoping some of you will give it a spin and bring yourselves back to 1994 (or thereabouts):

thank you for taking the time to read or listen.


Yes Bam! Can’t wait to listen to this later!

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hah, cheers man :slight_smile:

Yeah all done myself though it’s more played and lightly quantised using my Ableton Push2 midi controller than straight up programming. Fills never seem to sound right that way.

did you ever play this??

Never! I know one mate had a copy but it was hard to find in 1990s Ireland. I love music from games from that era and system though so I’m really looking forward to hearing it!

awesome, really hope you like it!

Maybe I’ll do Story of Thor/Beyond Oasis next :wink:

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incidentally does anyone know if soundcloud have recently stopped you enabling downloads from their site? Couldn’t see an option for this

you definitely don’t have to be familiar with the game to enjoy it. I’ve never heard of it but this is extremely lovely

Holy fuck HQ is next level.

Great stuff Bammers

Aw cheers very much, thanks for taking the time out of your day to listen x

Thanks buddy, I can’t seem to help but add a krautrock freakout bit to every record I make. Guess I secretly just wish every song was hallogallo :slight_smile:


Haven’t started listening yet, but - as someone else who has found much inspiration in thinking about childhood experiences with old video games and their soundtracks - I’m definitely going to have to check it out.

On the subject, Bam: have you ever watched Diggin’ in the Carts:the Red Bull Music Academy’s series of docs about Japanese video game composers? Highly recommend it; and Hyperdub’s putting out a compilation of old game music in the near future, too.

Here’s a link to ep. 1 (they’re all on YouTube):

Shining Force 2 is pretty much my favourite video game ever. Good stuff :smiley:

Oh wow guntrip! Didn’t know you still posted :slight_smile:

It’s one of my mine too, first rug I ever got into I think, music was a big part of that

Not heard of this but sounds great, will check this out once I’m out if the bath, thanks for the heads up!


That’s me minus the body and the face!

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About half way through listening while doing the dishes. This is fabulous stuff - well done Bam! :grinning:

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I will try! This was a fun side project as I was feeling a bit burnt out from writing and recording this year, I seem to do everything in big spurts with gaps in between. I still ended up working harder than I intended on this stuff anyway, I have a hard time being casual with music :slight_smile:

Cheers man! Thank Takenouchi! They’re his melodies 70% of the time

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