New bamnan album: zeon awakens: shining force 2 reimagined

Cheers :slight_smile: so hard to do anything new these days I was thinking this afternoon about what a new sound or genre might even be, guess if it was easy we’d all be doing it

ah just watching this now, seems amazing so far, what a great find!

Thanks so much for pointing me to this :slight_smile:

Sounding really good so far :slight_smile:

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thanks hope it holds up! I think the second half is probably the best but then I always feel that way about my stuff, guess I just prefer endings

There’s an entire episode on Nobuo Uematsu you’ve got to look forward to!

Hey! I didn’t have a proper computer for a long time, I do again now.

For me it was the hugeness of the game. I remember being stuck for ages and ages - the bit where you need to go through the cave to North Parmercia but it’s blocked with rocks, and you need to go to Devil’s Tail first, but you need to get the caravan first… I was stuck at that bit for so so long, and I figured I must’ve been done with the game, but then I finally figured out what to do and realised how absolutely huge it was and that I was maybe a quarter of the way through.

I ended up getting Shining Force and Shining Force CD (which collected some Game Gear side stories, although annoyingly not the one that actually linked SF1 and 2) but they lacked the open-world roaming and weren’t really the same.

ah I know what you mean about the hugeness! I replayed it a few years ago and only then discovered what the whole mithril side quest thing was all about.

ah I can’t wait, FFVII is probably responsible for me getting into making music.

tbf if music needed massive muscles (other than the heart) you’d look like this guy

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HQ was also the track i particularly liked, was lovely all the way through tho!

so many amazing bits of production across it

thanks dude! I was trying to walk the line of being faithful to the original but also adding a little bit of my own style in there, seems like it worked :smiley:

i haven’t heard the original so was just enjoying as is!

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Haha, that’d be unreal!

Had my first full listen to it there Bam, loved it!

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aww thanks buddy x

Ooh, I’m going to get on this I think

sweet! Did you have a mega drive back in the day shucks?

I didn’t actually, but one of my mates did; used to go round his all the time. I had to google Shining Force and it looks like something I might have played, but we’re talking quite a while ago now!

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guess it was more of a cult classic than I thought

as in…nobody else played it :slight_smile:

HQ is excellent Bammers (I’m enjoying all of it, but this has stood out for me)

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