🎺 new Bamnan album!


Hi folks,

I hope you are well.

I’ve made an album this year!

(special mega many thanks to @McGarnagle for his time and expertise in mastering, true hero and gentleman)

You can listen to it here:

Sorry if you don’t like it and thank you very much if you do.

Take care x

➕ Good hot cross bun day ➕

Guys. This is fucking great so far, three tracks in so far. Get in!


Is this coming out on Disintegration State or are you just bunging it online as a self release?

Looking forward to listening to it either way old bean :+1:

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just separate this time, it’s perhaps a bit rocky and vocally for the DiS state aesthetic

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Ah ok. I’m secretly glad because I was fearing you just dropping the perfect ambient/drone record and making me look bad. But also Bam vocals are always good :blush:

Gonna listen to this tomorrow. Excited!


it’s got a bit of everything on it! I hope you enjoy it

(I could never match you for ambient stuff though anyway :slight_smile: )


@colossalhorse Veins Full of Static last release one of my fav drone albums of the year.


You’re both very kind :grinning: got something new coming in the next few months, hope it goes down as well!


I will listen to this very soon! Is it going to be on Spotify bam?

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I think so yeah!

I don’t have access to the spotify upload stuff but DiS state are very kindly going to put it up for me

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posted this in the daily should move here as well.


Salt and pepperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


smash hit

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i like “ice cream, chocolate cake” set the table. Will definitely be giving this album another spin, well done sir.

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thank you, I hold you responsible for helping me break america

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pretty fucking cool that somebody thousands of miles away is listening to my stuff though! I had a sale on bandcamp from Japan once, probably the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me

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I have a group of like 5 buddies that pretty much don’t know how to turn on a computer on (construction workers in my field) but love ambient/drone. We are fanboys of the DiS guys, and I tell them all the time about the music talent on DiS. Going to spin this record for them tomorrow, they will love it trust.

Also for the DiS guys, I’ve been meaning to pump in some money to support and buy your releases, which I have streamed and fucking LOVED. Was buying a new house and money was tight but we closed and will definitely be pumped money to you guys to support the cause. Keep doing what you do!!


well there’s no pressure from me for people to buy my stuff if they can’t justify it, I’m just happy if anybody enjoys listening to it :slight_smile:


I’m just a big fan of the Disintegration State label, they put out PROPER good shit. I have no doubt in my mind that label will catch fire in two years tops.


it’s been real heartwarming to be a part of that and to see the encouragement everybody gives each other :slight_smile:

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