New Bamnan EP "Baum" 🎵


Hi folks! There’s a new Bamnan release this happy Easter Friday! It’s called Baum (which is German for tree!) and I’m considering this kind of a twin/counter piece to this year’s Moons of Jupiter EP.

Instead of focusing on distant planets and evoking the coldness of space with minimalist piano and synth lines I’ve opted to tell the story of trees through more organic instrumentation…namely nylon string and electric guitar. @creakyknees would be approve!

Anyway enough chat, you can listen here:

and if you feel kind/rich enough it’s available for purchase:

Thanks as always x

Good Friday? Let's Hope So

Just given this a listen, it’s really really great! I love how you manage to make all the guitar parts intricate and jazzy without ever just being overly flashy, it all feels very loose, natural and open, it’s ace. And I see you’ve got loads of stuff out already! That’s my afternoon sorted :sunglasses:


:smiley: got a notification for this on my soundcloud. It’s great (as always)!


Bam is one of the forum stars - Other People’s Lives is gold.


aw thank you very much! Sorry was out for a coffee.


thanks kermit! :slight_smile: x


aaah too kind!


this is really beautiful. I love In the Clearing and Decay particularly on first listen


aw yay, cheers :smiley:

I seem to have a habit of putting the tracks I like the most last on a record for some reason. Maybe says something about me that I like endings more than beginnings


also thanks for taking the time to listen


…oops sorry priced wrong!

Don’t mind if nobody buys it just don’t want you to think I’m a money grubbing wanker.


my friend from real life said he liked this too :slight_smile:


Here we go then!

Love those little percussive drops sitting in the background on the opener :slight_smile:


oh yay! :smiley: So glad you’re giving it a go x


and those are little guitar noises to simulate the call and response of bird call…or something


Pleasure as always. This reminds me of Squarepusher’s more acoustic tracks (this is a massive compliment coming from me)


Nice. My nearly-finished IDM album had loads of little melodies labelled as ‘call’ and counterparts labelled as ‘response’.


not really thought of melodies much in those terms before but it’s an interesting idea.


Yeah I was listening to early Autechre and realised they rarely have straight-up melodies but instead have half a dozen synths playing very short motifs in a call and response fashion. That becomes something more ‘textural’ taken as a whole.


yeah I never really listened to too much of their stuff but became strangely obsessed with Exai a couple of years back in a way I can’t really describe. Didn’t really sound like anything else I’d ever heard and just listened to purely that for a month or so