New Bamnan EP - Moons of Jupiter!


Thanks to @AcceptanceIII for the theme and names etc

You can listen to it here if you like




(it’s probably shit)


Oh mate! Perfect timing too as I was just trying to decide what to listen to! YES!
And the artwork! :ok_hand:


ah well I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Oooh, I literally just got a Soundcloud notification about this. Excited!


Hey @Bamnan just something you did this week yeh… Just had a spare few hours so blasted this out

Like you do.

Its perfect and lovely and I will be listening t it properly later


well it was a bit more than a spare few hours but yeah basically :wink:


You daft talented fool



Sinope is absolutely gorgeous and then just as it’s almost totally wrapped its arms around you, lo creeps up and ruffles your hair like the sassy, jazzy wonderful bastard that it is.

Great stuff.


ah thank you very much :slight_smile: I was thinking of Nils Frahm (obvs) with the Sinope…not sure why Io turned out that way just was having fun and wanted to blast out an epic guitar lead on the end or something :flushed:


cheers for your unwavering support, you’re such a great guy :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can see that, love the way it flows, some real Tortoiseness to that one and Ganymede. Great stuff Bammers.


ah I love Tortoise used to listen to beacons of ancestorship all the time so big compliment thanks :slight_smile:


Excited about listening to this tonight


Thank you for sparing the time :slight_smile: I know people have busy weeks so it is appreciated!


Listening later on Bam!


aaaah that’s great!


Love it.
Dia is a thing of beauty and getting those good Tortoise vibes from the other tracks. Great drums on Ganymede.
Really, really excellent stuff.


ah awesome thanks very much for listening :slight_smile:

Was reading about Satie on wikipedia the day before I made Dia, just wanted to make a gnossienne no.4!