New Bamnan EP - Moons of Jupiter!

Thanks, you’re too kind :kissing_heart:

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gentle bump for the dayshift :wink:

excellent stuff as always …I especially like Dia

but Bammers, it REALLY frustrates me that you only take your music as far as this board and not beyond that

just think what you could do with a band, a proper studio & producer, time & guidance to distill all your ideas down to absolutely first class records, concerts etc
You need to do it man because one day you’re going to regret not doing it

sorry to be harsh on you Bam but you have so much talent & ability…you need to get out there & fucking share it with the world


thank you that’s very kind of you :slight_smile:

I don’t think those things are a possibility for me, it’s ok though, I’ve made my peace with that. It’s nice to always get such kind words on here, gives me a reason to carry on :slight_smile:

Just saw this! Listening right now.

Sinope - the snow is coming down outside my window and this is just the most perfect accompaniment. Gorgeous.

Io - Great drums, lovely main piano melody and brilliant jazz bassing. Ooooh! Here we go - big, almost Pink Floyd-esque lead guitar taking it up a notch. Noice.

aw, I can see how that would work, thanks for your kind praise!

I was thinking of the lead bit on Radiohead’s Lucky I think, but yeah it’s kinda pink floydy too. Do love a good string bend :slight_smile:

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Dia - This is just lovely. Again, really beautiful main lead melody, and the gentle synth/organ(?) swells underneath add just the perfect amount of colour, texture and space. Subtle, but just really perfectly judged.

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honestly mate

I’ve been listening to all your stuff for the last 4 years or so. It wouldn’t even be that hard for you to make a record that could stand side by side with anything Radiohead or Talk Talk have ever made …that you do all this stuff on your own at home is really extraordinary and I have a feeling that you don’t see it because the only other people you put it in front of is us

there are people out there with whole teams and labels and whatnot doing stuff that’s not a patch on what you do but still making a decent career out of it…and it isn’t as if every one of those people has it as second nature to get in front of a crowd - far from it

if you don’t want to commodify your music/yourself then fair enough
if you think it’s too much of a struggle to ‘make it’ well…what isn’t a struggle ?

seriously though, what you do is great…but if you just pushed yourself a bit further you could achieve things way beyond what you ever thought possible and have experiences that will be turning points in your life and make your soul grow - which is the precisely the point of art/music - not to ‘make it’ but to make you

these aren’t kind words by the way, I’m actually pretty angry with you

upload your music to BBC Introducing, put ads up locally for other musicians …just fucking doing it man, you seriously have nothing to lose & everything to gain

I’ve heard you say that you’re in the middle of nowhere and that there isn’t a scene or anything well bollocks there might be someone on your own street sitting at home, posting on another message board making the same excuses as you

get out of your comfort zone man do like your man Bowie says

don’t give me ‘I’ve made peace with that’ just fucking do it before it becomes your life regret that you never gave it a decent shot


Anything dis could do to help, crowd source a vinyl pressing or something to get it out there

Ganymede - This is an absolute BEAST. Totally get the Tortoise vibes that others have mentioned. Brilliant drums and bass again, and the piano runs are lovely. Breakdown around the 7 minute point with the watery synth put a big smile on my face.

This is wonderful stuff and it really, really deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. You’re robbing people of genuinely great, life-affirming music by not sharing further Bam. Don’t be selfish now :wink:

I agree with @BodyInTheThames. Just do it Bam ffs.

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Would absolutely get involved with this.

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I echo these sentiments.

I think it’s incredible the variation and creativity that Bammers packs into his releases, they’re really something special and it’s amazing how well he can capture the ideas he has. One thing that has crossed my mind a few times though is “It’s a shame these are sampled drums”. I think what Bammers has achieved with sample manipulation alone is incredible, but with the style of lo, for example, it has such an organic feel that a live drum track on it would just take it to another level.

I’m often properly humbled listening to Bammers releases, he’s got talent seeping out of him like a pussy zit, as sean would say. Even if it’s just to hear the best versions of these songs that could possibly be, I’d love for this to happen.

ah that’s too strong praise I’m sure. At heart I’m a hobbyist musician, I always feel like I’m just playing around at it. There’s many others with more to say.

I did try sending some stuff to BBC etc but never got a response back so I guess I just gave up on that avenue. I don’t have the money or logistics or personal situation to really go out there and try to “make it” or whatever, plus I’m old now. There’s many excuses :wink:

This is all good advice for more well adjusted people though and thank you I know you mean well x

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Ah yes, musicians/artists, those famously well-adjusted people.

You can make an impact without money. You’re only hobbyist until you try.

Yeah I’ve been thinking I really should spend a bit more time getting the drums right and varying up in subtle ways, that can be quite a laborious part of the process though

Ah really glad you liked all of them and thank you so much for taking the time to put your thoughts into words, a very kind gift to me :slight_smile:

I really don’t know how anybody does it tbh