New Bamnan EP - Moons of Jupiter!

I’ve not even heard it yet but I echo what BITT and ma0sm say - your stuff is way to good to have such a small audience bam


ah thanks very much!

Haven’t really done anything much yet, it’s different writing to someone else’s work

thanks niki! Hope you like this one if you find the time (no worries if not)

I played this Bowie clip whilst listening to Sinope and it WORKED. I’m now inspired and motivated.


yeah maybe I could motivate myself to at least submit it I guess.

do it now

no, not later

do it now

i said now!


Just to echo what others have said, this is really excellent stuff that more people should be hearing. Great work man!

aww thank you very much <3

This is really beautiful and excellent. Fitting perfectly with the blizzard outside as well.

This is great advice from BITT. Give it a frigging go @Bamnan! If you don’t think anyone will care, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying!

And if you think you’re too old, take a look at a recent copy of the NME. It’s enough to put you off being young for good…

One more hobbyist story to add to the mix. Didn’t turn out too badly for her given she was near the top of pretty much every 2017 end of year list:

Kelly Lee Owens - Kelly Lee Owens

Without wishing to get too jackanory, I’m gonna start this review with a little anecdote. Way back in April 2015, when I was a little younger and lot lighter, Kelly Lee Owens strolled into our glorious establishment and casually inquired if we’d be interested in stocking her self-released debut 12". Always a sucker for something new, limited and hand labeled I took a cursory ten copies off her hands as she left for the train station. Approximately four minutes later, as the dreamlike shimmer of ghost-pop paean “Lucid” echoed through my headphones I called the number she’d left and asked if she could drop off another thirty copies without missing her train.


Who else made it big despite being essentially a bedroom hobbyist? Tom Vek? Bedingfield?

imagine the dreams you could fulfil if you lived in a city!

thanks mate! Yeah it’s a been snowing like crazy and then stopping with bright sunshine here all day. Probably would suit the music :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say I think - ‘made it big’ can probably be interpreted a hundred ways, as can ‘bedroom hobbyist’. There’s less money spent on music, the charts are largely irrelevant, the internet has increased variety/availability/made it harder for musical movements to develop or for a single voice like the NME to dictate tastes - despite critical success, KLO is probably isn’t raking it in.

And I guess the almost everyone playing music is essentially a bedroom/practice room hobbyist until they get a break (or don’t).

Others who you could say were more traditionally hobbyists who (on some level) made it off the top of my head: The Streets, Kathryn Williams, the Fence guys like King Creosote, David Kitt, White Town?

Dude, the history of music is littered with bands with no money from nowheretown!

Ultimately it’s up to you whether you want to push it or not, but putting together a band and having some fun with it is well within your grasp if you want it and I think you’re clinging to rather than being boxed in by the reasons not to.

yeah I guess deep down I know I’m never going to bother doing anything with it.

Is there any chance that you’ll put this up on Bandcamp? I would be keen to purchase and download it if that was an option.

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oh sure, will definitely do that tomorrow morning and will let you know.

Thank you very much!!!


Roger*. No Idea why I wrote David

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@TVdenimchap and anyone else intersted you can get this on Bandcamp now

Is £3 ok? I hope it’s not too much!

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