New Beach House

The album is the album I’ve wanted them to make since bloom. It is brilliant.

Going into town tomorrow pretty much specifically to buy this

Haven’t heard it yet but reception so far is really positive and very interesting. How many bands manage to successfully re-invigorate their sound on album number 7?

How many bands get away with making 6 albums that sound the same?

:wink: I’ve been a fan of Beach House since the beginning but do kind of think they made a career of doing the same thing but improving on it incrementally each time. Not to mention had some excellent songwriting.


yeah sure. I’m a fan and i really like all their records but i wouldn’t disagree. But that kind of makes it even more interesting - like the double album release was maybe them getting that phase out of the way.

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Have I got a thread for you!

Highest score of the year so far on Pitchfork


Really love the sound of this. Halfway between typical Beach House and Blonde Redhead circa 23


Aye I thought of that album too

I’ve never been able to get in to them before but this is gold. The second half of Dive :heart_eyes:

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Yep, this is brilliant! Can properly get lost in it.

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I listened to part of it on my drive home from having bought it.

First thought was: wasn’t expecting those drums to open it

Yep I thought Spotify had messed up or something

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There seems to be a very little playful streak running through it every so often (still on first proper listen so this is probably bullshit). Every so often they seem to enjoy making deliberately un-Beach House decisions, like the upping of the tempo in the second half of ‘Dive’.

I quite like that they’re embracing more “maximalism” (seems like the wrong word, but you know) like they were going for on Bloom, but it’s going in a weirder direction, where that album and Teen Dream kind of went more emotionally “anthemic” (again seems like the wrong word, but again you know)

ohman black car

I have also only listened once but I get you - it’s big. I guess I’d say it’s more ambitious than anything they’ve done before but by this I mean it’s the biggest departure from their ‘usual’ sound. Something about Victoria’s vocals are so commanding, mesmerising…

combining this observation with what Tuna sez above reaches a pretty good description of the tone of this album


moving like the neck of a really pissed off but still wistfully romantic swan


The world needs more bands like Beach House, and less bands who feel the need to “change it up” every few albums

Never got much from them when I’ve tried before, but this grabbed me right away. Expect it to just keep getting better too, will have to go and give their older stuff another shot now.

Teen Dream is the best of the old stuff, don’t listen to anyone who tells you any different