New Beach House

Yeah, I feel like this… although I do quite like the new single.

As much as I used to really like Beach House, it’s time to change their formula a little and tinker with their arrangements when they play live.

Yeah, I thought Depression Cherry/TYLS was the point when they really needed to change things up a bit. The fact they plopped out a couple of uninspiring records at that point just smacked of a band not really knowing what to do/being in a comfort zone.

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As I say, I liked those two albums a lot but the way they’d been talking them up in interviews disappointed me a bit considering how traditionally Beach Housey they ended up being.

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Have never really understood why people are often so insistent that a band play their songs differently live to how they’ve written them.

I think it’s something that can work well when it feels natural but silly and pointless when it feels forced for the sake of it.

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Didn’t expect that song to go the way it does at the 2m20s mark!

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One of those situations where I need a Spotify account to listen so will wait and be intrigued for when the album’s out

On YouTube now, if you are interested

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Love both of the tracks big time. But numbering their album 7 as their seventh album… always bothers me a bit.

Drunk in LA, the long awaited sequel to Bran Van classic Drinking in LA. Beach House are going to lift the lid on what really happens when you get plastered in the city of angels at the age of 26.

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yeah looking forward to this


Another winner for me! Never would have thought I would be looking forward to a Beach House album again, but here we are.

Was pretty done with Beach House, but they seem to have finally finally switched things up just enough for me to be interested in how this album turns out

The album is the album I’ve wanted them to make since bloom. It is brilliant.

Going into town tomorrow pretty much specifically to buy this

Haven’t heard it yet but reception so far is really positive and very interesting. How many bands manage to successfully re-invigorate their sound on album number 7?