New Beak> album

no thread for this?

Really digging it. AOTY contender for sure.

I like it, it might be my 2nd favorite album of September behind Sauna Youth. I’d never heard of them before but then I saw Rob Delaney plug them on twitter and a couple people mention them here so I gave it a shot. Brean Down kind of reminds me of Little by Little by Radiohead for some reason, but better.

Yep it’s really good.
Seeing them and Snapped Ankles in a few weeks. Should be a great gig

Love Beak but I wish Portishead would get back together in 2020

2021, apparently

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Unfollowed Geoff on Twitter ages ago as he has completely ruined listening to either of his bands for me, which is a shame because the new Beak is good. So disappointing you can be in one of the most legendary British acts in the world and still be a bitter, resentful arsehole who complains about stuff constantly.

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Have heard from people that have met him that he’s a total wanker.

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Can’t remember the exact quote but he was being a right grumpy prick at Primavera this year. Mouthing off about social media and the festival attendees while on stage. Dickhead.