New Beirut

should have its own thread because it’s bloody gorgeous. oh my heart. the brass in this one.

new album Feb, tour April. ahhhh

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ooh another!

bit different this, eh (30 seconds in). slinky. not a word I’d have ever imagined saying about a Beirut tune.

odd one to put out there, no vocals and all. can only see this being an interstitial track on the album?

Yeah probably, a bit like At Last on the last one

Hope it’s great. Riptide was middling at best.

Do you mean No No No, or did you just skip that one after not liking The Rip Tide

Kinda both accidentally. No no no was a non event.

Really enjoyed Rip Tide and No No No though they didn’t quite capture the raw sparkle of the first two records.

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not listened yet. gonna do in a second. excited and nervous, hope it’s as good as Gallipolli.

So my friend thought he booked us tickets for London tomorrow but it appears he imagined that. Looking for 2 if anyone can help!

keep an eye out on the fb page for the Beirut London gig/event, as people are searching/selling in the Comments section of the last post. I managed to get a ticket from someone yesterday.
Although a couple of the folk look a little bit suspect, so just see if anyone looks reasonable enough and see if you can meet up with them. I imagine there might be some more last minute spare tickets from people realising they can’t make it tomorrow, so could be lucky then?

Yep, on it. Cheers. There’s been a massive increase in dodgy people trying to make money off FB events recently apparently. A woman from Lagos tried to sell me tickets for something last month. :thinking:

the girl I bought the ticket from yesterday said she was trying to buy tickets for another gig off facebook the other month, and so she messaged someone bought asked if they could send a photo of the ticket before she paid. he then asked what date the gig was, which was obviously a bit suspect, so she gave a random incorrect date. he then came back with a photoshopped ticket with the incorrect date on it!

Listened to The Flying Club Cup yesterday for the first time in ages. Has to be one of the most underrated albums of the 2000s surely?

Think this latest one might be his second best too