New Biffy Clyro 2019

Not interested in the film, but the song is one of the best things they’ve done for a long while.

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You sure?

Well, it’s better than anything off their last album. Also, wrong board error (possibly twice, should be on the music board and probably shouldn’t have bothered posting this to DiS at all!)

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Haha. I’m still bitter about how they went post-infinity land TBF.


Damn, really thought they might have recaptured something until the chorus. The same chorus they’ve used for every song for the last few years…

There’s now no worse band for threatening to go back to their edgy roots in the press either. Literally every release. Was it before their last album they said it was like ‘50% deafheaven’ :joy:


Cliffy Biro

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The full album that the above song is from, is out today.

Not really into them anymore but this sounds good, probably better than anything from the last album

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Yeah they’re just taking the piss now, they said it was ‘Deafheaven meets Tears For Fears meets Death Grips’ and what they actually released was

Still got a soft spot for them though, i saw them live 20 times+ between BS and IL (only once since Puzzle), there have been enough decent songs on their albums amongst the shit to keep me interested. Maybe not so much with Ellipsis, that was terrible.

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Were you a Biffy boarder?

This song is the best single they’ve released in maybe a decade and while the album’s not quite that good it has some ‘interesting’ moments on it that they probably wouldn’t get away with putting on a ‘proper’ Biffy album (this being the soundtrack album to a film which Simon Neil co-wrote). The smart money is on the next album being even more ballady and rubbish than Ellipsis, but as always I can hope to be pleasantly surprised (and I say that as someone who broadly prefers the post-Infinity Land albums)

(was also a biffy boarder, but only out of self-interest)

Got through about half of it on first go and had to duck out. It’s really bad. Does anyone need Biffy with synthesisers?

His lyrics get worse and worse as well. Surely only the Gallaghers pump out worse of the UK bands of that stature. Alas, for the days of Scissorkick and Toys, Toys, Toys.

His lyrics are appalling, and always getting worse. You get the sense that they know it, but it’s their career y’know? They must have played every toilet in the U.K. before they struck it big - so fair play - just wish they’d employ some kind of ‘one for them, own for us’ rationale. I guess it’s hard to do once you’re as far down that road as they are, though.

Surprise surprise, the new Biffy song isn’t very good. Instant History?? Instantly forgetable, more like.

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Prediction: This will be their heaviest album yet, but also their most melodic.


I personally can’t listen to Biffy anymore. Infinity Land was their peak for me. Liked Puzzle a lot too but after that no… I do get how bands have to make a living though so fair play to them!
I remember watching the unplugged thing on mtv and the camera panned to an audience member with a single tear rolling down their face and I turned off enraged hahaha :joy:

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We’ll,.the first single.certainly ain’t heavy. Keyboards galore and an awful chorus, and verse.

I know you were only joking with your heavy comment…same happens with every new Foo Fighters album!