New Big Thief

I had no idea they had even been working on a follow up to Masterpiece. Not too long to wait for release as well. Great, great, great news!


Great news! Only discovered Masterpiece (that title really tickles me) a few months back and have had it on constant rotation ever since :+1:

Didn’t catch them on their tour earlier in the year. Anyone know what they are like live?

they’re lovely live.
this track’s great, <3 big thief. reckon they’re gonna hit the big time with this album

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They were great. This sounds a bit familiar, so think they must have played it.

Well what with this record coming out in June, fingers crossed thay they may tour here again before the new year…

I didn’t manage to get to their Edinburgh gig. Hopefully this one, as said, gives them more visibility… and then maybe my mates will be more keen to see em.

Managed to catch the Edinburgh gig. They’re really good live (although don’t expect much chat). Adrianne is worth seeing solo if you get the right venue for it too. The new stuff sounded very low key, so it was hard to fully appreciate it having not heard it before. Really looking forward to the recorded versions though. They’re touring the UK with Conor Oberst later in the year, so I’ll be seeing them again then.

If anyone needs some more music to see them through to June, this is free:

Angels is lovely.


Ah sweet, thanks for linking us to this! I’ll check it out after work and report back.

B-side to Mythological Beauty

Another new single - getting so stoked for this album!



Love this band. Love the new song. Re-listened to Mythological Beauty and love that even more now. Lotta love

It’s streaming here:


Love what I’ve heard so far

Haven’t had a proper chance to listen to it in full yet but I couldn’t get enough of the singles that they’ve released. Mythological Beauty is already turning into one of my favourite songs of the year!

Going to wait til Friday to listen… for no other reason than I’m trying to get through all the great releases from last Friday first

Ha yeah I’m still rinsing those Ulrika Spacek and Chastity Belt albums. The new Hey Colossus deserves another spin too!

Capacity is the only record that I’m really excited about coming out this week.

On first spin of Ulrika Spacek now, it’s great. Loving the new Marika Hackman one too. Mutoid Man, Elder and '68 are all excellent also. Not got round to Hey Colossus yet. I’ll need to check out Chastity Belt (not familiar with them) as well. Damn and this month’s only 7 days in!!

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:smile: oh shit! More to add to the list!

As a Big Thief, I think you’ll dig that Chastity Belt album though. Its probably their most mature and fully realised record of their three.

Likewise, if you like Big Thief you’ll probably dig Marika Hackman. The others are far more aggressive though