New Big Thief

UFOF sounds pretty unique to me. Can’t think of many other bands in that ‘sphere’ who could make something so distinctive. Might be my AOTY.

The songs on Two Hands are pretty uniformly brilliant, but it doesn’t have that total magic as an album for me.

I would. I wouldn’t have bothered with UFOF if I’d heard Two Hands first.

That’s why I like UFOF. Two Hands is just ok (not better than say Florist or Bonniesongs also in a similar ilk).


Prefer the earlier polls tbh


Not going back to two hands at all but still love going back to UFOF.

Just want to say how happy I am with this post

And how disappointed I am with only 5 likes


should really come out to this shouldn’t they

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Really don’t get why more people don’t love From


Two Hands still the clear winner for me, I’m afraid. Although it is making me love UFOF even more in retrospect.

The first 4 songs on U.F.O.F. are 4 of the best they’ve ever done

… yes it’s a complete sentence

Probably just a finger in the air thing if they did. Two albums with different moods so feasible one might vote differently on different days.

tbf, that’s not The National.

so if anyone was wondering where I’d been I’d somehow muted this thread? :smiley: maybe my drunk subconscious was like “you need a break pal”

Anyway, here’s my final bit of BT writing for the year. For the record, I love them both equally, and think they are both worthy works because of their distinctiveness yet connectivity to each other, though I do find myself reaching for Two Hands more (but that might just be cuz its more recent)


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Gang of absolute fucking chancers.


I fucking love that Bonniesongs album. Absolutely rinsed that over the last few months.


Just got my ticket for Hammersmith next Feb. :+1:

Love how Meek plays the guitar like he’s never held one before and doesn’t really know what it’s for


Hard relate to trying to style through the odd bum note too