New Big Thief

Yeh the other aspect of this an American contact told me was that they’re also prepared to drive for hours to get to a concert (and work, friends etc.). We just don’t have that culture here. If they did have a view, they might see it as culturally normal for someone from Norwich to drive 2/3 hours to London for a night.


Shepard’s Bush Empire any good?

It’s been ages but not as big as Hammersmith Apollo, I might repeat what I did last time and go to Glasgow though :sweat_smile:


Seats are alright, standing is a bit shit.


I imagine so, yes

So they had some say on that…!

Maybe :man_shrugging:

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Yes and no actually, depending on where you are. Not if you get stuck by the bar or at the back, where the views aren’t great. But have seen some excellent shows stood forward a bit. Manages to be both quite grand and intimate. One of the better O2 venues for sure. Never sat there.

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I’ve always liked the SBE, maybe biased cos it feels easier to get to and home from than some London venues - but yes you definitely want to be well forward of the desk and the bar

Got tickets for the barras, can’t wait.

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